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  1. SniperCoon2882

    Looking for artist to do a Ref sheet

    Calling all artists, I'm looking for someone to do a reference sheet for my 'sona. My budget is about $70, and I'd like it to be able to be done by October 1 or earlier. Feel free to post sample work below, and I will contact you in PM with more details if I'm interested in your work... Thanks!
  2. SniperCoon2882

    CS:GO gambling

    I know that the news has spread like wildfire, but the recent CS:GO gambling scandal has caused quite the stir in esports and for the 2 YTers involved: ProSyndicate and TMartn. For those of u unfamiliar with it, here's a good vid explaining what's happened so far: What will this mean for...
  3. SniperCoon2882

    What's your favorite type of food?

    Specifically, what is your favorite main dish and why? If you want to add other types, please remember to say what they are (desert, appetizer, etc.) for ease of reading.
  4. SniperCoon2882

    Help drawing tails

    What is the way to construct tails? I'm working on a pic of my character and realized that he needed a floofy tail, but I'm not sure how to set it up... For reference, the tail is going to be on the left (character's right) and is in the process of moving to the right (character's left) in a...
  5. SniperCoon2882


    Anyone play it besides me? If so, I'd love to play a good round or 4 with ya!
  6. SniperCoon2882

    (Please see reply restrictions that apply here.) Question

    After replying to many threads and being an active member on the site, I was rather confused to see this pop up in the place where one normally replies to threads of various kinds. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, which is why I posted it here, seeing as I've seen a thread detailing a...
  7. SniperCoon2882

    I'm stuck... *sighs* again

    For some reason, I just can't get this dang character's head shape and ESPECIALLY muzzle right... and it's driving me NUTS again... This is the head I'm aiming for... www.furaffinity.net: New coon head by SniperCoon2882 But so far, I can't seem to get the head at the right angle I want for a...
  8. SniperCoon2882

    grrrr... I'm stuck...

    I'm trying to get the shape of my character's head down, but I just can't seem to figure out what it should look like. My species is raccoon, but the number of different takes on raccoon heads is about as numerous as they come: some look more like foxes, some look more human, some are really...
  9. SniperCoon2882

    How to practice drawing hands?

    I've been needing help drawing hands and (to a lesser extent) feet, but I'm not really improving by just looking at pictures and drawing the hands from that... How did you practice and become good at drawing hands?
  10. SniperCoon2882

    Critiques needed

    This is my first truly detailed picture with my character doing what he does best, and it proved to be rather challenging. The posture and proportions of the raccoon versus the rifle was rather difficult, but I think that it turned out ok, not to mention the perspective of a relatively flat...
  11. SniperCoon2882

    Help with drawing anthro better (criticism appreciated)

    I've been a furry for a long time, but recently discovered/decided that I not only wanted to become more involved with the community, but also that I'd like to start at least attempting to draw anthro (at least for my character, who's currently stuck in my head :P). Would love any comments for...