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  1. Orana

    Dominant Panther Girl Seeking Casual Plaything (Discord/IMVU)

    I'm a dominant female panther girl, though I roleplay as human sometimes too. My kinks are listed below: ([g] for what I would be giving and [r] for what I would be receiving) Into: Accents [r] Affectionate domination [g] Appearing in your dreams [g] Attention [r] Biting [g] Blindfolds [g]...
  2. Orana

    Discord RP - kinky 18+ and LGBTQ+

    Looking for more RPers who'd want to join my kinky Discord. We host many different kinks, and also an exclusive furry fandom channel all to yourselves! Now that kik is shutting down in the coming months, I'm opening up again to welcome new RPers and yiff lovers to join Wholesome Kinksters and...
  3. Orana

    Who here has an active IMVU account?

    Just curious about getting back into the furry side of IMVU, and would love to extend any friend requests, especially to those with knowledge of good IMVU hangouts :P
  4. Orana


    So I'd just like some opinions on my recent dilemna... I've proudly stuck by my sona for a couple years, on and off (I don't RP all the time), but the main reason I was happy with the Bakeneko/Nekomata sona I chose, was because it fit well into a long-standing RP group I was a part of. Now...
  5. Orana

    RP via Discord (DMs and public)?

    I'm looking for anyone and everyone interested in sidling up with fellow RP furries. The requirements are simple: be 18 or older, join the group, be respectful. Some of us like group stuff, but others (shyer types) might prefer to keep it to DMs. We also encourage LGBTQ+ and all kinds of furries...
  6. Orana

    Discord furries? (ONLY 18 and older!)

    I’ve got a Discord group for anyone into the kinky stuff, but we’re lacking furry people! I’m doing my best, but my furry friends list goes only so far and we’d love to meet more frisky folks and start up new friendships and maybe find new playful mates! Please follow this link: Discord - Free...
  7. Orana

    Best Way to Meet New Furs?

    I run a number of groups across the Web, nothing too crazy, though. But I've always had issue with finding furries to befriend... I tend to gravitate toward people like myself: those who are playful, flirty, open, around my general age (young adult in your 20's), and easy to talk to. I joined...
  8. Orana

    Is this you? (18+ only, please)

    I've been looking for quite some time for someone to roleplay with who's detailed, descriptive, and passionate about their character and the story we would write together, post by post. I'm a bit of a reluctant romantic; I'm mushy-gushy, but I don't like to be. I'm a Dominant, and I like to...