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    NSFW YCHs and Sketches!

    I have two NSFW YCHs available at www.furaffinity.net: Porn for the Holidays: Round 1! by thelazysith Additionally, I am open for sketches at $12 for B&W or $20 for color in the style of www.furaffinity.net: Dress Up~ by thelazysith I don't typically draw adult content, but will be doing so for...
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    PWYW Traditional Commissions

    $5-$35 All will be colored! Human, anthro, feral, anything really! Female NSFW is ok, but no "adult" content. Price includes cost of shipping. $15 & over will receive a sketch before it is completed to ensure everything is ok. I will take around 5 of these. Username: Reference: Extra: (notes?)...