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    Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs] -Updated-

    I really hate boasting about my computer... :D MOBO: eVGA nForce 790i Ultra SLi 775 A1 Version CPU: 1x Intel Core2 Quad @ 2.8GHz (Overclocked) GPU: 2x eVGA e-GeForce 9800GX2 SSC @ 1MB Each RAM: 4x 1GB = 4GB (Forgot Brand) HDD: 4x Western Digital Raptor X's (10,000rpm) @ 150GB Each = 600GB...
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    WoW account. DROPPED PRICE

    RE: WoW account Depends what's on the account - *Runs to IM*
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    Hehe, nice to see a few TF2 Players/Lovers My fav. quote would be: "And so whenever two animals are ever in the same place it's called A ZOO!... ... ... Unless it's a FARM!" Can I have a Heavy shaped pastry? Because it's obviously the biggest? :)
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    G'Day! G'Day Peeps, I recently discovered my love for furry and so I snooped around a lot of sites. FA seemed really awesome, apart from the fact of being unable to register. So I came here and PM'ed yak (Who apparently does the 'select registering') Anyway, just so I don't seem like...