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    Need a lot of help creating a reference sheet for a partial fursuit

    Now I'm not planning on actually commissioning for a while - and when I do, I will need a lot of help with that as well because I'm very intimidated by that concept. However, at the very least I want to make sure that when I'm finally ready (maybe next year), I have a ref sheet that works and...
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    How to commission art for absolute beginners?

    OK, so I'm 100% new to this so I'm going to need an idiot's tutorial because I honestly have absolutely no clue how to do this, i.e. how to find artists open for commission, how to pick an artist out of the tens of thousands that exist, how to know what kind of art you want, how to contact them...
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    That's it. That's honestly it. I can't hold this back any longer.

    What was once here was a long, rambling, pathetic, childish post that I'm now to embarrassed by to keep. Got rid of it.
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    Two questions I have...

    1. Why did I have to make a second account just to post on this forum? Why couldn't I just use the account I opened on the main site? 2. Something I don't understand on the main site: "30400 Users online — 1439 guests, 13198 registered and 15763 other" What is "other"? Guests are people...