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  1. Hoodwinks


    You heard me. That horrible word. In an ideal world I would draw every day. Or at least once a week. The reality is that my drawing pattern is sporadic. I'm like a dragon. I will go through bursts of productivity where I draw almost every day, sometimes multiple full drawings in a day. Then I...
  2. Hoodwinks

    Show Recommendations?

    Hey there! I don't watch a great deal of content, but I do like to have shows on in the background whilst I draw! Any recommendations of good content? Preferably Netflix or Amazon Prime stuff as I can have that on whilst still using my laptop for art :) Recent shows I have enjoyed: Arcane...
  3. Hoodwinks

    ✶ Hoodwinks' Art Dump ✶

    Hey all! Figured I'd make a thread to put a bunch of my art and upload new work as I go!
  4. Hoodwinks

    New on the block!

    Well, hello! I'm one of those people that has been aware of Furaffinity for a really long time, but I've only just joined. I spent a long time on DeviantArt, then eventually migrated over to Tumblr, but I've yet to find an active art community to be part of. Hoping I can find that here, I'd...
  5. Hoodwinks

    (Commission) Selling: Feral, Anthro, Human - Tarot Cards, Fullbody, Busts, Ref Sheets & More!

    Hi there! My commissions are currently: OPEN BUSTS: £30 -Fully lined, coloured and shaded image with option of a simple background FULL BODY: £50 -Fully lined, coloured and shaded image with option of a simple background TAROT CARD: £80 -Fullbody/large bust image of character -Multiple...