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  1. Cekuba

    The rarest Furry. The single, straight female...

    Its not that rare anymore. I noticed a huge increase in females at RF, straight, gay, single, taken, whatever. I also noticed a massive shift in female fursuiters. Being female in the fandom is quickly losing its special snowflake status. Not to mention, a TON of the artists most folks love are...
  2. Cekuba

    Dontgiveafucksexuals Fandom Members (aka Pansexual)

    I am a straight toaster with army knife grip and bisexual tendencies towards purple toasters who are transgender. Okay, I am just razzing here. I don't really identify with much, straight really... Although, I am not really attracted to many people, it really depends on the person. I myself...
  3. Cekuba

    Hi, I'm new O_O

    mmm awkward stares.
  4. Cekuba

    Good afternoon

    Dobermans are awesome! Welcome :3
  5. Cekuba

    hey <3

    Welcome! The name is neat at least... If I kept my handle from when I was 13 my name would be DevilWolf... which is ummm not even remotely correct XD
  6. Cekuba

    Members by Species

    Cekuba Spotted Hyena Hyena
  7. Cekuba

    Good Tidings and Other Ways to Say Hi

    Hmmm, I like you! Welcome n.n
  8. Cekuba


    *waves* hello there.
  9. Cekuba


  10. Cekuba

    Hi~!! :3

    Welcome fellow female fur :3
  11. Cekuba

    What is something interesting about you?

    This.... This is epic D:
  12. Cekuba

    What is something interesting about you?

    Can.... can I wear this hat?
  13. Cekuba

    Is it wrong to have your fursona the opposite gender?

    I suppose that depends. Overall, you can have one... but you could have more for your moods, or for RP, or just because its fun, or maybe you changed over time...
  14. Cekuba

    Heya all!

    Okapi!!!!!! *drools*
  15. Cekuba

    Heya all!

    Hyenas love Gazelle! Especially chubby Gazelle! :eek:
  16. Cekuba


    Everyone likes wanking *geez*.
  17. Cekuba

    "Mated" furs, how did you find your partner?

    I left my "human" mate for a fur I met at a con. While its not really a *good* story, love happens, and we are super happy. I am about 100% happier being with another fur as we can share in so much more... But I mean, it was very coincidental... I guess its just what you need in your life, and...
  18. Cekuba

    Is it wrong to have your fursona the opposite gender?

    Exactly! Its fun, specially if you have a bunch of characters :3
  19. Cekuba


    *high paw* old school fur!
  20. Cekuba

    What is something interesting about you?

    Yes, I think I am actually ready now to stop - Maybe its time to sit back, doodle, relax, and enjoy life :o