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  1. drymarchon

    Horse headshot - let me know what you think!

    This is actually a sketch of my own mare, Sassy! She has an attitude and I tried to capture that in her expression. Let me know what you think! Would you want me to offer furry/feral commissions like this? Working on a bunch of commissions but I should have February availability slots open...
  2. drymarchon

    Drymarchon's Sketchbook and WIPs!

    Welcome! I'm Iris, aka drymarchon! I'm a digital artist and designer as well as a college student. I'll be posting finished works, WIPs, and chatting about art. Stick around and chat! A little about me - I'm studying ecology and have a passion for all animals. I keep and breed exotic...
  3. drymarchon

    New Commissions for Hadsvich! [deals inside]

    I drew these black and white commissions for hadsvich on Furvilla! These were a blast to draw, and I had a lot of fun rendering their designs. Bradley, the stoic but deadly lizard. Tenzo, the delightfully evil werewolf. Illian, a reincarnation of the moon! As a thanks for viewing my art...
  4. drymarchon

    [open] Limited Slot Discount Commissions - Deals on Multiples!!

    Hey everyone! I'm running a special deal before I open full commissions on FA - test commission slots at a sales price. Only one commission style phase will open at a time. Each style will have 5 slots open. After that, it is closed until commissions are fully open. *All commissions must be...