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  1. Kerocola

    Confessions thread

    our work is done................*evil laughter*
  2. Kerocola

    Drinks anyone?

    How do you make such a fabulous looking concoction? Tell me your secrets!
  3. Kerocola

    Merry Christmas!

    wheeeeee happy holidays.
  4. Kerocola


    Well hello there! Hope to see you around :)
  5. Kerocola

    Greetings from Novaz

    Welcome, welcome. Good luck with the drawing! There's a critique section here on the forums if that's something you'd be interested in at all.
  6. Kerocola

    What is it called when an animal's ears are folded back?

    Well, honey...you've got as complete of an answer as you can get! Sometimes questions have unsatisfying answers~ Good luck.
  7. Kerocola

    What is it called when an animal's ears are folded back?

    Cats will also move their ears (similarly to the picture) in order to pin-point a sound source. It's not like they lack muscular control over their ears. It can be voluntary, but we only see pinned ears in particular contexts because that's how cats express their emotion physically. For...
  8. Kerocola

    My first time on Omegle

    Omegle is full of what I like to call "banana monsters." Now, I don't mind me some dick...but if you don't want to see any, you probably don't want to be on Omegle :P
  9. Kerocola

    hello all!

    Patience, dear...of course we're happy to see you here! Welcome.
  10. Kerocola

    things you just dont understand

    My printer is defying me...it doesn't say it's low on ink, but it doesn't want to print things correctly for me. And when I try to print something double-sided, I have to manually load the paper back in. When I do that, it just spits the printed page I put back in, and prints the second page on...
  11. Kerocola

    Why aren't you getting swole, FaF?

    o u got me, my faec is so red right now
  12. Kerocola

    things you just dont understand

    My friends wanted to get breakfast this morning before they all traveled their separate ways for the holidays. "Let's go at 8 am", they said... it's almost 11 and everyone is still sleeping. I got up on time ;_; so much for that. Why make plans if you aren't going to follow through with them!?
  13. Kerocola

    Drinks anyone?

    Water, jasmine green tea, earl grey and black coffee are my day-to-day drinks. Alcohol wise, I love me a mojito. Limes are delicious, and the mint is so refreshing. I also really like amaretto.
  14. Kerocola

    things you just dont understand

    This x100000. What confuses me more is when people post pictures of a cardboard "to-go" coffee cup. It looks like virtually every cup that people carry around with them. WHY!?!?!
  15. Kerocola

    I need music

    I like to use Spotify and click on random bands/find random playlists to find new things. I've found a lot of things that way!
  16. Kerocola

    Is anyone anxious when they out in public places/order food

    Not really! I am an anxious person, but I have forced myself to get positions that require public speaking, having difficult conversations, etc. that helped a lot. Some random things will make me anxious every now and then, but if you own up to your mistakes that makes a huge difference. We all...
  17. Kerocola

    I don't know how good I have it.

    I don't think anyone is legitimately upset with you...also, welcome to the forums!
  18. Kerocola

    I don't know how good I have it.

    Maybe you can spend the extra time polishing your tact -- I expect more if you're going to gloat, hun :P
  19. Kerocola

    things you just dont understand

    Well, your perspective helps too, mister...when you have a frown, turn it upside-down! If you tell yourself you are going to have a bad day, anything that goes wrong is going to fit your bias towards that perspective and make you feel crappier. I love Frozen, but I think the hype behind it was...
  20. Kerocola

    Personal space

    I agree, it depends on the situation. I don't mind being on a crowded bus or in a crowded supermarket (unless said people are the ones that like to just stand in the middle of the aisle and do nothing fhefuhroghrsfNO), but I'd prefer to have a moderate distance from strangers if possible. With...