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  1. Mossymossfox

    show me pics of your fursona!

    Moss the fox (my favorite furrsona)
  2. Mossymossfox

    Treehouse (Girls Only)

    I’m late but I have cookies owo
  3. Mossymossfox

    New and Excited to Make Some Friends!

    @Iazygout thanks so much I feel so welcome *internet hug*
  4. Mossymossfox

    New to furrys hi

    Thanks you’re all so nice
  5. Mossymossfox

    Never have I ever

    I’m responding to anomiepanda
  6. Mossymossfox

    Never have I ever

    I have I always come clean tho Never have I ever cried after killing a fly
  7. Mossymossfox

    What does the person above you smell like?

    Watermelon Mountain Dew
  8. Mossymossfox

    Awww thx

    Awww thx
  9. Mossymossfox

    3 Most Disturbing Movies You've Ever Seen

    “What ever happened to baby Jane” honestly still makes me uncomfortable
  10. Mossymossfox

    Favorite Disney Animal Movies

    Bolt! bolt is my favorite
  11. Mossymossfox

    Videos that cheer you up

    I watch this when I feel down it helps me feel better lol
  12. Mossymossfox

    Favourite Cartoons

    Idk I like “your name” but that’s a anime movie don’t know if it counts
  13. Mossymossfox

    Say something nice about the fur above you

    Sweet and friendly 10 out of 10
  14. Mossymossfox

    You own the person above you for a day

    I make them get more than 3 hours of sleep
  15. Mossymossfox

    Give a job to the furry above you!

    amusement park animatronic probably Abraham Lincoln (I haven’t seen who’s above me)
  16. Mossymossfox

    Mattress foam for head base?

    I use cosplay foam for padding or chair making it’s like 20 US dollars at Walmart
  17. Mossymossfox

    What's a good animal/design to start with for a first time maker?

    My first furrsuit is a husky and it’s pretty easy so far but if you research enough you can do anything
  18. Mossymossfox

    Idk why but I really want to give you a hug so *internet hug* have a good day :)

    Idk why but I really want to give you a hug so *internet hug* have a good day :)
  19. Mossymossfox

    The above poster dies, How?

    Oh so poison is not high in vitamin B (dies)