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  1. Tundon

    Critique Gef

    People keep mentioning the legs but can't identify a specific problem, but when I look at the legs and the angle she's sitting in, I'm thinking unless her left leg was amputated there's nowhere for her right leg to go. Both legs are touching the floor and her left hip is lower than the right one...
  2. Tundon

    Looking for critiques! :3

    Added the rewritten version to my OP.
  3. Tundon

    Looking for critiques! :3

    More excellent advice, thank you so much :)
  4. Tundon

    Looking for critiques! :3

    To go back to the previous point after giving it some thought, I could definately use it already (as long as I understand you correctly). Currently part of the passage reads "The young wolf looked up at his father, fear in his eyes." But I could quite as easily adapt this to something like "As...
  5. Tundon

    Looking for critiques! :3

    Very helpful :) thank you. If I take your advice and place it within my narrative I could create much smoother and far more natural character developments. So far I haven't had many opportunities to put that into practice (as all you see in the example is all I've written, everything else is...
  6. Tundon

    Looking for critiques! :3

    Ok, so if anyone would like to give me some critique on this for me I'd be incredibly happy as I'm trying to improve my performance and I think people being insanely blunt with me will help. So, be as harsh as you need to be! :) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4180113/ -=REHASH VERSION=-...
  7. Tundon

    Cutesie Wootsie

    I know exactly what it is. Did you ever think I was after critique while creating a topic on the photograph's subject? My god.
  8. Tundon

    Cutesie Wootsie

    Nothing wrong with a bit of shameless self-promotion... right? RIGHT? I'm kidding, just want to know what people think of my sister's adorable husky ^^ photograph is mine http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3022815
  9. Tundon

    Am I improving?

    Ok, by now you guys may (or may not) be familiar with the stuff I post on these forums. Now I've been told by a couple of people that I'm improving quite quickly... had one person tell me I have "it" xD which I highly doubt. Anyway, below are links, in order of 3 pictures. An old one from...
  10. Tundon

    Strange Experiances...

    I get major amounts of Deja vu... to the extent that sometimes I answer questions people haven't even asked me yet. Another I get is in certain places I get a weird feeling throughout my body like huge amounts of energy just rushing through me. But hey, I bet both of those would give me a +10 on...
  11. Tundon

    Ok Bioshock fans, I have some good news and some bad news.

    You're right... it is just a game... so I don't understand why people care so much? I'm a console gamer, have been since I was like 5 or whatever. Gears of War - Released on 360 in November 2006, was supposed to be exclusive to the 360, but now the PC is getting the game, with stuff that was cut...
  12. Tundon

    Can I get some opinions please?

    Ok, so I recently (like two days ago) got myself a graphics tablet :D yay. Today I started using it for the first time and I'm kinda pleased with what I'm coming up with. Anyway, I'd like to get your opinions on the piece I'm working on at the minute. I'd love to get some tips to improve ^_^...
  13. Tundon

    Love question

    Depends on the person I think, I say "I love you so much!" to my friend Louise all the time, and she says it back too. We both know that we're not serious... what with me being gay and all XD but I say it to my male friends too and they know I mean it in a friendship way.
  14. Tundon

    Sketching Tutorial: Breaking out of the "Box"

    Awesome tutorial, can't wait for that second page though ;)
  15. Tundon

    Rate my writing please

    Yeah I have it set to mature as things get a bit dirty lol
  16. Tundon

    Rate my writing please

    Ok, I rewrote it and got part 2 up: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/703891/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/703913/ I'd love some feedback, good or bad.
  17. Tundon

    Offering Redlines < Resurrected! 10/13/07

    RE: Offering Redlines < Resurrected! 7/31/07 Do me blotch, do me! Drew this a while back, for me it's amazing because I'm hopeless at art. I've never been happy enough with it though, because lets face it, its pretty awful. I'd love for you to redline it for me please ^_^ EDIT: It's a fox xD
  18. Tundon

    Rate my writing please

    OK guys, knowing I'm not too good at drawing I tried my hand at writing. I uploaded this to FA quite a while ago and now I want to write part two I'd rather get some insight first. I realise there are a lot of typos in there, it was like 2am or something when I wrote it, a rewrite will be...
  19. Tundon

    PSP or DS?

    Well as people are comparing the two why not compare my hatred for the two aswell? 'tis a discussion after all, everyone's entitled to an opinion. :P
  20. Tundon

    PSP or DS?

    I own neither, I despise them both xD (sowwy)