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  1. Springdragon

    Quality Art delivered by Christmas

    Painting Slot: Xaviera Sketch Slots 1. Karcenogen - Shamus Halfbody Shaded - DONE 2. EchoFoxtrot - Rain Fullbody Shaded 3. KodiakOne - Kodiak Fullbody Shaded - WIP 4. 5. Since FA is still in read-only mode, please contact me by email at SilentSpringdragon@gmail.com
  2. Springdragon

    Advice Needed: Humble Violet Acrylic

    Link to Image: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11298135/ The two purple circles in the bottom are throwing off the image. I've painted over them with white, but I don't know what to put there now. It should probably still be something purple, but what?
  3. Springdragon

    What sort of art makes good prints?

    I think it's about time for me to start a dedicated Print binder instead of lumping them in with the rest of my portfolio binder. At this last convention, there were a lot of people asking about buying prints, and I had to turn them down because the majority of my binder is prior commissions...
  4. Springdragon

    Four Stray Dogs looking for new homes.

    Bidding is taking place here: FA Submission Starting at 10USD each. Auctions end 48 hours after last bid is place. Winner will get rights to the character and a simple ref sheet, with text and swatches, at 300dpi sent by email. If the bid reaches 50, I will also include a painted pinup...
  5. Springdragon

    A few sewing questions..

    These have been posted in another thread, but I'd like opinions from someone who has made a fursuit before. 1) Is there a reason to prefer straight stitch over backstitch? 2) What kind of stitch is best to use on body seams? Backstitch, straight stitch, or blanket, and why? 3) In tight areas...
  6. Springdragon

    Critique Wanted: First Suit Head

    http://d.facdn.net/art/springdragon/1359590165.springdragon_photo-2013-wipcook5.jpg Errors that I am already aware of: 1) Ears are crooked. They started out level, but when I attached the hood it ripped one out of place and I wasn't able to get it back to the original position. Also, they're...
  7. Springdragon

    How to put together a two piece body?

    I want to create a body suit composed of a separate top and bottom so that it can be worn both as a fullsuit and as a 3/4 suit with a pair of knickers (Actual knickers, not slang for underwear). How does cinch the legs/pants/bottom portion of the suit so that it doesn't fall down, and how can...
  8. Springdragon

    PaintedSpring: Almost Instant Art (May only)

    ..Slots.. ...Sketches 1. DrEmery 2. 3. 4. 5. ...Artwork 1. 2. SPECIAL DEALS During the month of May only, get almost-instant art with no rush-charge. All sketches will be completed within 48 hours. All other pieces in less than a week! Get them while you can. Buy a Sketchbook :: Get a 50...
  9. Springdragon

    Pinup Auction

    Encouraged by the sudden and explosive (compared to my other works) popularity of my lion pinup of Valya, I've decided to put up an auction to see if anyone wants one like it. http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1007814.html <- CLICK DA LINK Also. $5 pencil sketches. Check FA for moar...
  10. Springdragon

    Icons and Badge/Bookmark Sets are BACK!! XD

    $15 Digital Icons $10 Badge and Bookmark Set Email = SilentSpringdragon@gmail.com FA = http://www.furaffinity.com/user/Springdragon DA = http://www.silverblackbattlecry.deviantart.com Auctions are essentially an advertising tool. If you would like to order them outside of Furbuy, just...
  11. Springdragon


    Yes. Annoying attention grabber. I've yet to see if it actually works, but it was worth a try. Now to business. Auction Here: http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1004929.html FA Here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/Springdragon DA Here: http://www.silverblackbattlecry.deviantart.com Webbie...
  12. Springdragon

    Have Files Need Slides: HALP!!!! D:

    So.. I'm taking the AP 2D design exam. I'm the only one from my school to take it. I just learned that I need to send in a set of 35mm slides. All my files are digital. Where do I go to convert digital files into slides before next Friday? Help would be muchly appreciated and may be rewarded...
  13. Springdragon

    Hallow. IB Springdragon.

    Nice to meet you all. I am called Springdragon, but feel free to refer to me informally. I'm almost through my first week on FA, and it's been a lot of fun. I followed a few of my heroes over from DA (hibbary, screwbald and Shinerai), and it feels like the people are really friendly here. (8...