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  1. MysticSolstice

    Taking some requests

    I enjoy colouring in my free time sometimes so decided to offer some free colouring to all of you. Requests are open as long as this tread is open. These may or may not be done in order (certain designs are faster than others). All the line work is not mine! I am simply colouring free line art...
  2. MysticSolstice

    Looking for a reference sheet

    Im currently looking to get a reference sheet for my new character, my budget is $75 USD and im hoping to get a front and back view. My character Skyline is a New York City themed wolf, she has a lot of marking so if you charge extra for that I'd appreciate if you could leave how much extra in...
  3. MysticSolstice

    Looking for some icons

    I'm looking to get her a variety of icons to use on different websites (mostly website other then fa or the forums because i love the icons i currently have for both). I'm looking to get probably 3 icons so I can switch them around different sites, I willing to spend $5 USD (or the equivalent of...
  4. MysticSolstice

    Looking to get a charcter reference sheet

    I'm looking for an artist to draw a character reference sheet for my fursona Solstice. My budget is $40 but I'm willing to go a bit higher if I really like your work. I'm looking for an artist who accepts Western Union money transfers or Interac e-Transfers if you live in Canada/bank in Canada...