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  1. Space-Hatter

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Space Hatter's Emergency Commissions - [$10 - $40]

    My car is my only means of transportation in a city with shit infrastructure and very bad public transport. The fix won't take too much time! But it is a pricey one, so any bit helps >.< Anything helps! And here's my Ko-Fi Some Examples of my art:
  2. Space-Hatter

    (Commission) Selling: The Space Hatter's Commissions [$5-$30]

    Here are some examples of commissions/Art works I have done in the past! DM me or send me an email to thespacehatter@gmail.com if you're intrested!
  3. Space-Hatter

    (Commission) Selling: The SpaceHatter's $15 USD Emergency Spooky Sale!!

  4. Space-Hatter

    (Commission) Selling: SpaceHatter's Commissions for new Computer [$8 - $50]

    Your girl is back and she's super close to graduating uni, she can't depend on the university's computers forever and she needs one of her own soo... Ask me anything of PM if you're interested! If you can't afford a commission but want to help me, you can also donate to my Ko-Fi! Even the...
  5. Space-Hatter


    I busted my car from my shit driving and I am a dumbass and now I need $350 for repairs!!! If you can't afford a commission but want to help me, you can also donate to my Ko-Fi! Even the smallest amount can help me!! Buy Space-Hatter a Coffee. ko-fi.com/space_hatter
  6. Space-Hatter

    (Commission) Selling: Space's Cartoony Commissions are open! [$5 - $50]

    Hello! I have opened up my own commissions! I can do from antros/furrys to Sonic OCs to full humans or even TMNT OCs. For more information and basic prices go here -> Commission Page Remember! Prices may go up depending on the complexity of the commission. For more information DM me or send me...