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  1. Griff-the-DevilDog

    Submission Problem: Can't Submit & upload mp3 (6.97MB)- :V

    I been trying to upload an mp3, for the FA Audio meme thing. But for some odd reason, it wont load, and be submitted, it ether times out, or or error. and this shouldn't happen... Its 6.97 MB (max on FA is 10MB) the file works, so thats not the prob, its mp3 format, i know that for...
  2. Griff-the-DevilDog

    Bay Area dude Needs room For FC-any of you gonna be there?

    Well, it would be my 2nd year there, and my 2nd time failing to get a room because i am slow, slowpoke slow... and i plan to still got because if i don't get room, i may have a plan B option to stay at a fellow FA user i know here's home. but a close, hotel room is preferred be me more i...
  3. Griff-the-DevilDog

    upload problems for me O_O

    any info or updates? i cant upload art and stuff, is uploading disabled temp? or am i the only one? just wondering. ^^;
  4. Griff-the-DevilDog

    mass spamming by 7chan and scripts?

    any one else notice some spam today, its because of 7chan and likely some 4ailchan refugees. once again trolling and making copypasta. spamming our inboxes. oh great lol, more annoying copypasta and trolling. thanks :B any solution to this? or stopping it?
  5. Griff-the-DevilDog

    art trades anyone? :D

    yeah, i am up for some art trades, i like art trades :3 check my gallery for refs and such, and comment here or note me if your interested http://www.furaffinity.net/user/manbearpig/
  6. Griff-the-DevilDog

    hello everybody!! ^_^

    i am Griff-the-Devildog, A.K.A. Manbearpig on FA. i look forward to be part of your forums, and interact with you all and such. and i hope to meet new people here as well. i am new to anthro art, i am more use to anime and other art, but i have started drawing anthro a lot lately. due to my new...