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  1. Griffintaur

    Seeking seductive dragoness

    That's more than okay with me and I very much appreciate your inquiry. PM me any character details and let's get the ball rollin'. This should fare rather entertaining.
  2. Griffintaur

    Seeking seductive dragoness

    Hello writers and RPers alike. In my 15 years of this hobby, only a marginal percent of RPs I've been apart of have been NSFW. Though the concept did interest me for the longest time. Today I'm exploring new territory and am pursuing a partner to assist with such. I'll be portraying my...
  3. Griffintaur

    Commissions Open!

    If you're still open in a week and a half, I have an aquatic Griffin that'll look great in your style. If I may, could I PM the details to you just to have it all ready to go? Thanks
  4. Griffintaur

    (Commission) Selling: SFW and NSFW - all is welcome commissions

    This artist boasts the utmost professionalism and my experience was overall very positive. The artwork received was exactly what I asked for and any confusion between revisions was promptly dealt with. Delivery of product was swift and the quality of work was pristine. She illustrated my...
  5. Griffintaur


    Thank you so much. I'll definitely check it out.
  6. Griffintaur


    Hey everyone. Just a wandering writer and RPer looking for new places for my characters to roam about. I'm a veteran, to say the least, with just over a decade of experience. I'm kinda awkward at these introduction things, so I look forward to interacting with the denizens of these forums. I'm...