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  1. Rustic Fox Akio

    Air Brushing Fur

    Would using an Air Brush to dye fur be a good idea? I have a bunch of little color changes that I'd much rather air brush on rather than cut out little pieces and hope for the best. If it works, it works, but... just asking...
  2. Rustic Fox Akio

    Need Help Finding Fur!!!

    I'm about to make my fursona into a fursuit. I need a helluvalotta white fur. I want to know where, online, can I purchase high quality White fur. Light Creme would also suffice. Also, would air brushing be a good way to dye the fur? Also, if you are just going to be a douche, don't bother...
  3. Rustic Fox Akio

    Pokemon D/P/PL players! I am searching for something.

    I'd like to get my hands on a shiny vulpix if anyone has one. Lower level preferable. I'm afraid I don't have much to offer as trade, but post your request, and if reasonable, I'll look for it on my D/P/PL games. Thank you!
  4. Rustic Fox Akio

    Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

    So, okay, this game gave me a hand orgasm within the first ten minutes of playing it. I wonder... does anyone else have this game? If so, wanna share friend codes? Name: RFAkio FC: 2192-3224-0321 Platform: NDS Shadows are gathering... Discover the origins of the Fire Emblem Saga! -Assemble...
  5. Rustic Fox Akio

    Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

    Gah... Just had my DS and now I lost it.... if anyone wants to exchange friend codes, post yours and I'll edit this post once I find my bloody DS.. Although, I'm only on Chapter 8 currently, having JUST purchasing the game. ill go into pros and cons later, but here is my score on the game: 83...
  6. Rustic Fox Akio

    Account Problem: Name Change?

    Is there any possible way that we can change the ~(user name) name without creating a new account? If there is, how do I go about doing so? EDIT: And by ~(user name), I mean the account name we use for FA.