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  1. Nekomayata

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Kitten adoptables [ 2/4 OPEN ] $5.00 each

    Selling some kitten adoptables on FurAffinity! Two are taken, and two others are available. All designs are $5.00 each, and I'll take payment via paypal. DM me if you're interested. :> 1) OPEN 2) SOLD 3) SOLD 4) OPEN Rules - Please don't resell these designs for more than their original...
  2. Nekomayata

    Free Art: Taking five requests! [CLOSED]

    This thread is closed!! Thanks so much guys for your submissions. ; v ; (Please let me know if you're okay with the finished products being uploaded to my FA page! I will credit you and DM you when finished.) Hi guys! The time for me to train my drawing skills once again. As a result, I'm...
  3. Nekomayata

    Let me draw your character!

    I'll draw up to five at a time total (and maybe come back to do more when I finish ; v ; ) and one character per person. They may be out of order and will be chosen depending on my interest in the design. They'll also be in different styles, depending on what I'm in the mood for! Here's what...