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  1. Tremaine

    Bug/Site Problem: Search Problem: Backend Timeout

    Hello!I've been experiencing a problem for about 2-3 hours as of this post. I would say it started about 11:00AM CDT. Whenever I perform a Search, the browser would be showing activity, like it usually does. (I'd type "fennec" into the search box and hit the Enter key.) After a short time...
  2. Tremaine

    Limit on percentage of human uploads

    EDIT: Never mind about the human limit thing. After thinking things through, it's a silly idea. It will be easily managed for those that are picky about it once filters are enabled again, whenever that is. c_c;
  3. Tremaine

    Can't login since DB rollback, never receive e-mail with p/w

    Hello! Ever since the database rollback, I have not been able to log in at all. I'd get an error message saying erronous username or password. So, I click on the "Forgot Password" link, just to humor myself. I enter my username and password. I wait...and wait....and wait...and no e-mail ever...