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  1. Fatally_Ninja

    Offering Freebie Art!

    I've been having a bit of an art block lately, but an itch to draw some furry/alien art. Post your references or descriptions below or PM me on my FA accounts if interested! If your character/sona peaks my interest you could get some free art for your suggestion! :D Examples of my art can be...
  2. Fatally_Ninja

    $5-$10 Sketch Commissions! [Both SFW and NSFW]

    Hello everyone, I'm offering sketch commissions for anyone interested! Some fun facts about my sketch commissions: - You can have another artist [or yourself] lineart and color over my sketches! Just be sure to give me credit for having done the sketch portion. - You can upgrade your sketch...
  3. Fatally_Ninja

    Looking for NSFW Stuff to Draw

    Been wanting to practice some more and get more examples piled up I can use for later commissions. This will be more on my whim and not first com first serve. If I like your character/what you want drawn, then I'll message you with a sketch/lineart/whatever I decide to do. You can post...
  4. Fatally_Ninja

    YCHA SB $25 [NSFW Anthro Male Handcuffed]

    I am holding a NSFW YCH Auction Here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14803274/#cid:88761266 Examples of Work: [NSFW] http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14747469/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14625611/ Auction is for Anthro Male characters only and will include character being cuffed/hands...
  5. Fatally_Ninja

    Female Adoptable Auction (Starting Bid $10 - Ends July 15th)

    Please follow the links to bid on the adoptable you want! Purchasing an adoptable gives you full rights to the characters design and are free to alter and claim as your own. However, when reposting the original character design (the art of the character I drew), please give me credit for the...
  6. Fatally_Ninja


    Hello, I am Ninja! I joined back in March but just now started getting pretty active here on the forums. I've been on FA since January/February. I look forward to getting to know the FA community better and you all seem like a pretty awesome bunch! ^__^ If you have a moment feel free to check...
  7. Fatally_Ninja

    Freebie Sketches!

    Freebie Sketches! [Closed] Hi! I'm pretty new here and quite new to drawing anthros and such but I'm looking for some fun and helpful practice! Now then, to be clear nobody who posts a request here is guaranteed art. This is completely on a whim and its hard for me to draw things well if its...