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  1. EmiTheNinja

    Free Art: The Game

    My favorite color is Blue, because it is both calming and beautiful pose: shy/blushing could be standing or sitting i dont care ^.^ body ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15930965/ hair ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16559277/ Thanks for the chance!
  2. EmiTheNinja

    Who may be at Nekocon 17 (2014)

    i was there and this year for nekocon 18 (2015) I will be one of their mascots hope you guys come back =3
  3. EmiTheNinja

    Couple anthro wolves: 20$ budget

    hello! I am looking for an artist who could do a couple commission of me and my mate! it can be either nsfw or sfw I do not care. 20$ budget, though I am a lil picky when it comes to style since i am an artist myself (but i love buying others arts too!) My mate does not have a ref sheet yet but...
  4. EmiTheNinja

    Practice Freebies

    i would really like a picture of my fursona please ^.^ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15930965/ my FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/emitheninja/
  5. EmiTheNinja

    looking to commission fursuit in furture

    Its okay guys another fursuiter has been pming me and has shown me their complete website so i think ill be going with them for now =] its a lil more expensive then my listed price but their work looks amazing.
  6. EmiTheNinja


    thank you!
  7. EmiTheNinja


    Hello! I'm EmiTheNinja. I am new to the forms but ive been around in the furry community a while Ive never been super active however but I am hoping to become more so here =3 I recently posted in the fur trading post to get my first fursuit made and I am hoping after that to get more into the...
  8. EmiTheNinja

    looking to commission fursuit in furture

    Your price is in my budget but do you have any examples i may be able to look at? =]
  9. EmiTheNinja

    looking to commission fursuit in furture

    yea i figured it would be someone newer and okay I myself have never airbrushed so i had no idea how it might work. I would like to go for semi realistic since i do dont want something super toony but also not super realistic i like the in between haha I have been looking at some suiters already...
  10. EmiTheNinja

    looking to commission fursuit in furture

    Hello! I'm EmiTheNinja I finally made a reference sheet for my fursona and I am hoping to hire someone to make a full fursuit of her. Even if your current commissions are full I do not plan on purchasing this until a later date when my funds look better (currently a college student) I would like...