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  1. anyare

    Badge Commissions

    I'm in a tight spot with money for school stuff.. so I'm taking some badge commissions $15 for a fully laminated, traditional deluxe badge, shipping included! they are roughly sized between 4 - 6 inches..sometimes get bigger. done with markers! examples...
  2. anyare

    Looking for a Custom Plushie Artist

    Thats right...I'm looking to commission a plush version of my Lioness Character, Anyare. I'm looking for rather specifically realistic rather than toony. Willing to talk about prices if I see something I like. Please leave a message here or e-mail me @ scorch_27@hotmail.com with...
  3. anyare

    Rather Cheap Full Coloured Traditional Commissions~!

    BOOKMARKS AND MAGNETS ARE ONLY $2 EACH. PLEASE BUY THEM. XD Dragon: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/493925/ The dragon bookmark comes with a ribbon and a charm Okami: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/482822/ It has a border around it. I also have some okami magnets, with this okami on...
  4. anyare

    Help Me! Commissions Open

    I'm getting a Beardie and my part time job isn't paying much....so i'm offering commissions as I'll need quite a bit to set this little guy up! So heres some information of what I have for sale and prices! BOOKMARKS AND MAGNETS ARE ONLY $2 EACH. PLEASE BUY THEM. XD Dragon...
  5. anyare

    Sale! Cheap badges @ $5!

    I just got back from an Anime Convention, and my bookmarks didn't do as well as I'd hoped for. So I have a bunch extra. I was wondering if anyone online here is interested in pruchasing them, otherwise I don't know what to do with them. =( Please note: Does not include shipping. You ahve...
  6. anyare

    Super Cheap Badges....$5!!! W/ Lamination

    Yeah, well I can no longer do buttons...but I will be doing conbadges! ;) Super cheap too. $5 with lamination... or $5 for no lamination but a bigger size Examples: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/528403/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/536692/...
  7. anyare

    Button Badges -NEW!

    OUT OF COMISSION NOW =( Button Badges Yes, I will be doing Button badge commissions! They are rectangualar in shape, about 2 by 2 inches (approximately) and can go horizontal or vertical. They cost $5. (Canadian $$) I can accept money through money orders, cash (at your risk?) or...
  8. anyare

    Button Badges

    Sorry. This was posted i nthe worng area..misclick sorry ^^;;; Delete please?