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  1. Ro4dk1ll

    LCD screen graphics tablets?

    Simple question; I'm absolutely sick of only being able to sketch like a drunken toddler on my Intuos 3 after investing about four years worth of practice with it and would love to know from anyone with experience how well an LCD screen tablet such as the Cintiq series of tablets will emulate...
  2. Ro4dk1ll

    Mechanical Things?

    I've been looking around but haven't been able to find any advice or tutorials to aid me with drawing mechanical things. I'm trying to get better at drawing stuff like futuristic aircraft (Like the Unreal Tournament Cicada) and ground vehicles (Like, uh... A car. Vroom.), but everything is...
  3. Ro4dk1ll

    Critique This.

    This is my first time posting anything in this forum, so I'd like to follow a format here. Okay? Here it is: Step 1. Picture is here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1983734/ Look at it. Step 2. Pick out my artistic flaws. (Optional) Step 3. Make me cry. (If not go straight to-) Step 4...
  4. Ro4dk1ll

    Anyone Here Use iScribble?

    Figure this sort of fits in Off Topic~ I need some critiques and ratings and whatnot from other iScribblers on this piece so there's enough activity for it to get into the gallery because I sort of worked my ass off on it, and experimented with new stuff, pooled a whole load of effort into it...
  5. Ro4dk1ll


    Hey there, I'm Ro4dk1ll, an Opossum/scenester/faggot hybrid from the land of dryness, kangaroos and offensive slang users. I've been drawing Anthro for about three or four years (Hasn't really helped much <: ), and have been on FA and the forums for a while, though this is my first post here...