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  1. jarmenj

    What's your favorite music track?

    It's really hard to pick favorites, but listening to at the moment?
  2. jarmenj

    How old were you when you became a Furry?

    Started browsing in 2000-2001, at age 15-16. Upon discovering the 'snake peril' Yahoo group I wanted to find similar stuff and there was VCL and Lava Dome Five. Lurked / didn't do too much until 2008, where I discovered FA - browsed some on a lurker account, two years later I started thinking...
  3. jarmenj

    5/17 Site Attack

    With FA being the largest collection of people in the anthro community and well, the nature of the fandom and how a bunch of people don't like said nature, something like this tends to happen pretty often. RestrainedRaptor brings up a great point though, with the 'upgrade' by IMVU, there ought...
  4. jarmenj

    What makes a fursona "original"?

    What Garth said is pretty much the most laid back way of going about it.
  5. jarmenj

    What makes a fursona "original"?

    Yeah you could make 'em original with a bunch of thought thrown into the character, such as what sorts of clothing the character wears and can be memorable if the outfit just makes people remember 'em well. Personality, running gags, etc. You can do lots of things.
  6. jarmenj

    What are your PC/Laptop Specs?

    Built this thing last year: OS: Windows 8.1 Case: Fractal Node 804 PSU: Seasonic 660W 80+ Plat CPU: Intel Core i5 4690k (stock for now) CPU Cooling: CM Hyper 212 EVO Motherboard: ASRock Z97-M OC Formula RAM: 8 GB Team Vulcan @ 2133 MHz Video Card: ASUS STRIX nVidia GTX 970 Storage: 128 GB SSD /...
  7. jarmenj

    How and When Did You Find Out You Were a Furry?

    Had a funny feeling south of the equator while watching some animated shows as a kid, then discovered VCL in 2001, got weird boners which I just accepted, and now I'm digging anthro artwork.