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  1. jagdwolf

    The Gifted The Chronicles of Jayden Volume I By Wolf

    I'm Published! Book One of Ten is currently in print at RabbitValley.com! http://www.rabbitvalley.com/item_8474___The-Chronicles-of-Jayden-Book-One-The-Gifted.html I am beyond words
  2. jagdwolf

    Please review

    Hi, I posted a story in another section but it was suggested that I post it in the writters block. So as not to double post I am linking the FA page where the story is uploaded, if you would be so kinda as to simply read it and give a review/comment. No flames please this is one of 10 chapters...
  3. jagdwolf

    Chronicles of Jaden Volume 1

    Please, can I have your honest opinions on the prolog and chapter one. I would prefer NO flames, or grammar nazi, this is the first posting for this edited for content chapter, grammar and syntax come later. Please be honest and blunt, but no flaming please. This is a collaboration of myself and...
  4. jagdwolf

    Mayans and 2012

    So, any thoughs on how the world will end? Or does anyone believe that it will? Comments?
  5. jagdwolf

    Opinions Please

    Hi all, please, if you don't mind give me your opinions on this. First its for my mate, who is on her final PhD path and her lap top is old and just don't cut it any more. She does not play games, but does a lot of math modeling. Price is important but not at the cost of computing/graphic...
  6. jagdwolf

    Portrait/Landscape Monitor

    I am buying a portrait/landscape monitor for my mate, she needs it for her PhD work in math. However, the only one people keep telling me is the HP w2207h. I can't seem to find any good reviews of 22+ portrait/landscape monitors. I am also buying her a new laptop, she does not want a desktop...
  7. jagdwolf

    Web Publishing for a newb

    Ok, last bit of programing I did was in Fortran back in the '80's. Ok im grey. However, I am now being asked to actually DO the web pages instead if just designing them on paper and handing them to a developer. Is there a drag and drop style software out there or am I just gonna have to...
  8. jagdwolf

    perfect world international

    anyone play this game? if so can you tell me about it.
  9. jagdwolf

    educate me please

    Ok, Im an old wolf, I can build you a liquid cooled computer, I used to program in 3 different computer languages, but, sadly I can't program a vcr. Ironic. However, I am used to the old BBS (bullet board service). thats what these forum were called....um........back in the stone age. I...
  10. jagdwolf

    looking for a commision for, avatar/self pix

    I have enquired of several people and im gonna toss it out to the general furry pop. I would like a full frontal body shot, clean, of my furryself. Colored but pen/ink, not a painting. digital is fine. I can draw stick figures, and then they laugh at me....so me doing it is out of the...
  11. jagdwolf

    Old Fur, new here

    Hey all. Im an old fur way back from when animalymipcs came out. If you know that movie then you can date me LOL. Im easy going and like to debate or just ramble. In Montana USA where very few furs exist. Waves a paw at all