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  1. Hoodwinks

    Hiring: ($100+) CLOSED Character Reference Sheet with Multiple Detail Shots

    What a cool character! I'd be happy to help :) My prices are included on my Commission Thread in my signature. If you're interested you're welcome to inbox me.
  2. Hoodwinks

    Hiring: ($100+) Looking for Elden Ring Style Commission - 3 Characters

    Hello! I'd be interested in this :) If you'd like to chat more you're welcome to inbox me.
  3. Hoodwinks

    Tell me about something good that happened today!

    I got a big commission order today! Literally two days after I had a £400 vet bill, so it's helping me a lot!
  4. Hoodwinks

    Hiring: ($75+) Need an artist to draw human and mule

    I'd be happy to help! My commissions are open :) Feel free to inbox me if you'd like to chat more.
  5. Hoodwinks

    Does anyone know who did this pic?

    I'm new to FA so I don't know if these are the absolute best ways, but consider reaching out to staff via Facebook or Twitter?
  6. Hoodwinks

    Hiring: Ref Sheet

    Hey there, I could do that for you! My commissions are currently open :)
  7. Hoodwinks

    Does anyone know who did this pic?

    Maybe this is a bit of a stretch, but could it be worth reaching out to admin and seeing if you can ask about previous adverts on the site? Maybe there is a log they can check to help narrow down your search.
  8. Hoodwinks

    How to Handle an Ugly Color Palette?

    Another option that occurred to me, is to just embrace the brights and turn it into a colour palette for the whole image. Stylistically speaking, it's a fun challenge. The art below isn't mine, but it shows the general idea!
  9. Hoodwinks


    Hello and welcome! The art community is very welcoming here :) Horse riding is cool too! There's not much Western style where I live, but I wish there was! Hope to see you around the boards.
  10. Hoodwinks

    Hello Pals. River D

    Hello and welcome! Hope you enjoy the forums :)
  11. Hoodwinks

    An old wolf but new to the forum

    Another Brit! Welcome :cool:
  12. Hoodwinks

    Introducing myself ^.^ Digital artist candy fur

    Oh wow! I love your art. What wicked colours! Hope to see you around the boards :)
  13. Hoodwinks


    Hello and welcome! I tend to float around the art boards a lot, I hope to see you there :)
  14. Hoodwinks

    How to Handle an Ugly Color Palette?

    With instances like these I will colour drop the palette from the character, then desaturate the entire work a little and put some coloured filter layers over the top of it. It takes a lot of the harshness out! So long as you're not doing a flat-colour, there are subtle ways to tweak with your...
  15. Hoodwinks

    Hiring: $50-$100 6 shaded icons/headshots [CLOSED]

    Hey there, I'd be interested! Feel free to shoot me a message if you're interested. My FA gallery and commission thread with my prices are both linked in my signature :)
  16. Hoodwinks

    Hiring: ($100+) Colosseum Fighting Scenario

    This sounds like a great project! I'd be interested in helping. My FA gallery is linked in my signature with more examples, as is my commission thread with my general prices :) If you're interested, shoot me a message!
  17. Hoodwinks

    Unpopular Video Game Opinions

    I mean, I think it's to each their own. I just find it incredibly boring. I'm not great at building and designing the houses and I don't really care about making silly people live Slice of Life existences, even if they are wacky. I much prefer games that have a more RPG basis where you can...
  18. Hoodwinks

    Hiring: ($35+) Sisterly Bonds

    Hey there! My commissions are open :) If you'd like to chat in some more detail you're welcome to message me.
  19. Hoodwinks

    Unpopular Video Game Opinions

    I can't stand The Sims.
  20. Hoodwinks

    Hiring: ($100+) Mae Sona Redesign - Budget $100-$150

    Dragons/reptiles are great! As always my commissions are open :D