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  1. RadioactiveRedFox

    Ram resin base

    Does anyone know where I can get a ram resin base?
  2. RadioactiveRedFox

    I'm back everybody!

    It's been a year and a half since I last stepped paw in this joint so I figured new introductions were in order. So hiya everybody!!
  3. RadioactiveRedFox

    Fur events in Wisconsin

    Does anyone know if there are any furmeets or cons in the south central area of Wisconsin.
  4. RadioactiveRedFox

    Question on partial suits.

    If I were to commission a partial suit now but want to turn it into a full suit some time down the road, would it be possible to have a body suit made for it or should the whole suit be made at one time.
  5. RadioactiveRedFox

    My 'sona

    I though it was high time that I post my 'sona and see what you guys think. I'm sure I will be adding to him in the future. Name: Finnegan Species: Red Fox Sex: Male DOB: 8/1/1988 Age: 24 Appearance: Pretty typical Red Fox, blue eyes, Black tipped ears, tail has a white band towards the end and...
  6. RadioactiveRedFox

    A thought on how to prevent overheating

    I've heard a lot on the subject of how hot fursuits can get and had the thought of adding small battery powered fans hidden in the head to get some ventilation. What's everyone's thoughts on this idea?
  7. RadioactiveRedFox

    Freeware photo editor

    any one know of a good free photo editor, it needs to be able to convert between formats and change photo size.
  8. RadioactiveRedFox

    Partial fursuit cost

    How much would a good partial fursuit with head, paws, tail and feet cost. I just want an estimate at this point, I'm not ready commission one yet.
  9. RadioactiveRedFox

    Fursona gender question

    Is it common to have a fursona of the opposite gender than yourself?
  10. RadioactiveRedFox

    cloning a hard drive

    I need to clone my hard drive, I know there is tools/software to do this but need recommendations on what to get. Any help is appreciated.
  11. RadioactiveRedFox

    Hello from RadioactiveRedFox

    Hello, I'm fairly new to the furry community but have been a furry to some degree for as long as I can remember. I'm looking to expand my enjoyment of anthros and hopefully find some new friends in the furry community in my area.