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  1. Rexcaliburr

    (Commission) Selling: Tooth & Claw | Clean, sharp renders [$8-$45]

    Welcome. Let's cut to the chase, I got commissions open, and you probably want art. Examples Headshot, Flat Colour Headshot, Soft-shaded Waist up, cel-shaded Full body, cel-shaded Want more examples? Check out my DeviantArt. All prices are in USD and I accept Paypal. Pricing...
  2. Rexcaliburr

    (Commission) Selling: [OPEN] Rex's Art Shenanigans | Digital, Cel-Shading | $5-$30 commissions!

    Welcome to Rex's Art Shenanigans! Hi there! I'm Rex, and I'm currently struggling to pay my monthly bills. I'm offering digital head shots, waist-ups, and full bodies for varying prices. All pieces are cel-shaded. What I will draw: - Furries - Humans - Dragons - Monsters - Cyborgs & Robots...
  3. Rexcaliburr

    Costuming - but not fursuiting?

    hey guys, so on the 26th i will be attending furrylah in singapore but i have a question. i'm going dressed as my fursona, but not in a fursuit because 1. I do not own a fursuit, 2. I'm too poor to get one and 3. It's on such short notice so there's no way I can make one for myself and 4. She's...
  4. Rexcaliburr

    FurryLah 2016!

    Who's going? FurryLah is a Singapore Furry con held from the 25th November to 27th November though the main events are in the 26th (Saturday). Is anyone going? I'd love to meet people there. I'm going but not in a fursuit since I don't own one and can't get one done in 2 months, but I am going...