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    The school bus i was riding in got impaled by a light pole sticking off of a truck. http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20100407/BREAKING/100409675/2416/NEWS?Title=Sarasota-school-bus-accident-injures-2-students and the link for pics
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    I'm some kind of troll. http://www.cracked.com/funny-2724-trolls/
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    streaming from melted metal right now, and i have to admit, while some of the songs they stream are utter crap, there are a lot of pretty awesome songs on there.
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    help with a downloading problem

    alright, regardless of the web browser, nothing will download. when i use IE, it doesnt show up after downloading. with firefox, the file shows up but contains no data (0 bytes.) any ideas on what could cause this? any quick fixes? using vista home premium 32 bit, and firefox 3.5.2
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    flats to full pics. how is it done?

    i was wondering how to give a pic that only has flat colors "depth". what are the techniques? is shading the main thing? or is there more?
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    new crop circle

    http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread478278/pg1 discuss.
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    6 famous characters that were shameless rip-offs

    http://www.cracked.com/article_17299_6-famous-characters-you-didnt-know-were-shameless-rip-offs.html i lol'd; Disney "borrowed" the idea for the lion king, and superhero cartoons pushing truth and justice were themselves huge idea thefts. (sorry if its old news)
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    is pokemon platinum really worth getting?

    so, need an extra ds game or my ds is probably going to rot where it sits, and platinum had a lot of hype behind it, is it really that good of a game? or is it something i should pass on?
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    your top 5 metal songs.

    so, i need some more music, and i have no idea what metal bands are best. post your top 5 favorite metal songs. song name and artist.
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    so, im a platypus now.

    Name: jess (this will change when i come up with a good gender inspecific name) Age: 16 Sex: varies Species: shapeshifter + platypus Height: 5' 6" Weight: 118 lbs. Appearance: - Hair and fur: brown fur and hair - Eye color: blue/yellow/green that looks pure green from a distance. - Other...
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    .vtf file converter for steam tags.

    does anyone know a good (free) safe program that converts .gif .jpg and .png files into .vtf files or other tf2/css/steam spray tag compatible formats? please link if you have one.
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    so, what do you guys think about this?

    link. think about it, if you had a dream that was so realistic that you could not tell it apart from reality then it might be reality in another "zone". if you have 8 lives then there are always 8 versions of yourself in 8 different places, with 8 different realities. there was also another...
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    anyone hear about this yet?

    so, has anyone heard of the new "super virus" thats supposed to infect everything April 1st? its called Conficker C http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/null/128643/beware-conficker-worm-come-april-1/ here is a link to an analysis of the virus for all the tech guys here...
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    thinking of installing ydl on my ps3.

    so, my laptop will be sent away for repairs, and i need something to use as a pc, i heard that the ps3 can be converted to ydl (yellow dog Linux) which comes with firefox and open office, thats about all that i need, something for typing reports and something to browse the web. any pros, cons i...
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    more evidence that the us is fading into destruction.

    the fda declares a form of vitamin b, naturally found in foods, vitamins, and plants an illegal drug. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=116_1234680922 a farmer in Arizona detains a group of illegal Mexicans immigrating into the us, and gets sued by them, he gets an unfair and biased trial...
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    Mystery fireball streaks across Texas sky

    sounds like a coverup to me.
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    serious virus problem

    ok, something got into my pc, and is now causing windows installer to go batshit insane whenever i try to launch a program. anything, even ms paint it will pop up and say "preparing to install" but it never goes anywhere or installs anthing, it just crashes windows explorer and causes a fuckton...
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    ever had a dream involving someone from the forums? (2)

    same as last thread, has anyone here had a dream (recently or not) involving someone from these forums? i have had a few, most of which i cant remember.
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    i just had to post this...

    http://www.daytondailynews.com/l/content/shared-gen/ap/High_Tech/EU_Switzerland_Dope_Farmers.html i lol'd. you know what to do, discuss.
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    ok, my computer runs fine normally, but if i play any game that runs full screen, it turns off by itself, without warning, and gives me the "windows shut down unexpectedly" message. any ideas on what caused this? or how i can fix it? running vista home premium 32bit. Intel Centrino duo 1.5...