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  1. Puppijo

    How to come back to drawing?

    Hello So I have a slight problem (I hope I can talk about it here) I have been on a "art break" for a many months. I don't even remember, when was a last time when I drew proper illustration. And I don't know how to come back to it. I tried to but after a few minutes I gave up. Do you my art...
  2. Puppijo

    Sketchbook: Puppy learn to draw.

    Hello. I see you guys like to share your artworks and stuff here. So I think it would be nice to hear some comments, advices (praises :}) and your opinions about artworks that I can produce xD Here is just some example of the artwork i made for this site. It is my simple OC. A lolita bunny...
  3. Puppijo

    Hello. I am a newcomer.

    Ehm... Hello there! I am a fresh blood here on this forum, as well as to the whole furry community. I had only a brief contact with furries, and I hope to spend some nice time here, and meet new friends. Hey, If you step by this threat, don't be shy and say hello. I would like to know you guys...