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  1. NegaNeon

    (Commission) Selling: NegaNeon Arts: Illustrations, Refs & Custom Designs [$15-$100+]

    Hi everybody, I'm Nega! I've been a commission artist since 2008 and I specialize in dynamic poses, illustration, and character design. Feel free to explore this thread, as it gets updated with newly completed commissions! ❖ Commission status can be found on my Queue ❖ You're welcome to contact...
  2. NegaNeon

    Winter Commission sale starting at $15 - Limited Availability

    [SLOT AVAILABILITY] Taking these commissions early so I can get them in on time by the holidays. They do not have to be strictly holiday themed, as long as it ties into the winter season in some way (winter sports, icy/snowy goodness, etc.) it's fine~ I'm still moving into a new FA account, so...
  3. NegaNeon

    Account Problem: Inability to upload to the gallery & avatar. Can't reach the admin email either.

    I've made a new account on FA that I'm migrating to soon, NegaNeon Upon trying to upload something there, I got the message that my gallery folder is missing and to click the provided link to fix it. I went to the link and got a page saying that errors were encountered trying to fix my art...