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    Your dream Pokemon party!

    Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto you gon get raped.
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    Its Sarasota Military Academy; Jrotc Is mandatory, which is why we are all in uniform.
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    I was just thinking, what the fuck? it felt like we were running over a curb or something, then the backside of the bus started sliding and someone said there was a pole through the bus. then everyone started panicking and i just kept on playing mario. ya, thats my little bro, he was wearing...
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    The school bus i was riding in got impaled by a light pole sticking off of a truck. http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20100407/BREAKING/100409675/2416/NEWS?Title=Sarasota-school-bus-accident-injures-2-students and the link for pics
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    Dreaming is for the insane.

    oh, and for anyone who wants it, a guide to lucid dreaming.
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    Dreaming is for the insane.

    i've had a few lucid ones, but now they are just like movies, which is disappointing, because it used to be fun screwing with telekinetic powers in lucid dreams.
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    How Big Are You?

    just posters being oblivious to the facts again. [edit] i feel bad for making an off topic post now.
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    HEY GUYS, what turns you off?

    scat, pissing, dickgirls (the ones with balls), hyper, diapers, babyfurs, fat, inflation, gore, vore (all kinds), vomiting, "mature", and some other things i can't remember.
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    Hey, FAF, You're Beautiful When You Dream

    usually i am either myself, or some vague rendition of an ideal self (different hair/eye color), and the dreams are usually in first person. the only time i have seen myself in a dream was when i looked into a mirror, which for some forced me to wake up when i saw my reflection.
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    What automobile do you own?

    i have a 1992 cutlass convertible; its older than me o_o
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    Do your parents mind that you are a furry?

    such encouraging poll results :V
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    Report for duty! Calling all Fur-Scouts!

    life scout, one merit badge 'till eagle. it was fun for a while, got to go to a few awesome places, now its just work and being pushed towards eagle before i hit 18
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    What's your computer background?

    to go along with my insanity:
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    Would you have sex with your fursona?

    well, ya.
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    Help me create a monster

    just do what god did with the platypus, take random parts of other animals that you like, and make a chimera out of them. anyway, some ideas for parts: electric tentacles some sort of hypnotic third eye tail that is either a scorpion's stinger, snake's head, or bladed weapon of some kind (make...
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    depending on whether its soft vore, or hard vore. soft vore is where people like the idea of being swallowed or contained in a cushy stomach or something, kind of like a safe room made of stomach or mouth (completely unrealistic). hard vore usually involves death, and the sick fucks get turned...
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    Claw or sword?

    depends on the opponents, if the guy i am fighting has a gun, i sure as hell am not going to try to claw him. anyway, almost universal solution: particle manipulation via. telekinesis; make the weapon melt or the user of said weapon explode.
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    Electric Shocks.

    tried to turn on a light switch that didn't have a cover, hands were wet from washing dishes. when i was 7 i stuck a fork in an electrical socket; Never Again!
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    Near Death Experiences

    when i was 10 i stepped into a hornet nest, i was completely surrounded and got stung a lot, luckily my dad was somewhere nearby and pulled me away before it got lethal. and just a year or two ago i had a pygmy rattlesnake a half inch from my foot when i was trying to take my tent down on a...