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  1. KamuiNeko

    Making a "bigger" upload?

    why no one posted an answer for this? currently is useless the "download" button since it shows the same pic with the same resolution, besides you can download it by right clicking it, without having to do first the click in the "download" and then right click the image it is only useful for the...
  2. KamuiNeko

    I need three pics... doesn't have to be cheap just good :)

    do you have any references of your mate? i'm afraid that a complex spot pattern is something i rather don't draw (again) ^^u but i would like to see first how complex it is before deciding
  3. KamuiNeko

    Site down 2009-01-01

    yeah, i know, i meant for most of the downtimes, not just this one is true that working today sucks though
  4. KamuiNeko

    Site down 2009-01-01

    Im not trying to be a pain in the ass, but there is something i dont understand when the server goes down, the admins usually take notice within minutes, but then there is this huge bottleneck in the maintenance: ------ Admin: Server stopped responding at xxx hours... blah, blah...
  5. KamuiNeko

    Continued: "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    i guess is not happening today either...
  6. KamuiNeko

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    tell me about it actually, i understand the poor Yak... So many times when i thought i was almost done debugging my algoritm, another bug pops up from nowhere to make my life miserable
  7. KamuiNeko

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    Actually, computers are stupid because they just do what they're told to do :)
  8. KamuiNeko

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    which will obliterate Trogdor and we'll have to wait another month for a new one ;)
  9. KamuiNeko

    Sleeping fursona sculpture- AUCTION!

    i think you should add an example of a completed work along with the customizable sculpture pics
  10. KamuiNeko

    A first for me! A sketchbook Commission

    That was fast I love your drawings, though i wish you drew more males in distress =3
  11. KamuiNeko

    Has anybody here worked for Sexyfur.com?

    you could ask directly in sexyfur http://www.sexyfur.com/help/email.htm but unnie is right; the email should end with sexyfur.com, like the admin's admin@sexyfur.com
  12. KamuiNeko

    Looking for a trade? Or perhaps someone to do a request? preferably dirty!

    Too bad youre not getting offers so far; youre pretty good I would, but i suck with quadrupeds' anatomy
  13. KamuiNeko

    Character request

    Besides, this is an specific zone for requests and trades, youre being hostile with zekumas and specially with chambers ok, you can draw, we get it, but you shouldn't rub it in requesters with that attitude; you can go to the black market zone to advertise about your comissions instead
  14. KamuiNeko

    Paypal question

    yeah, ive been thinking the same thing anyway, if paypal doesnt allow porn comissions, and not even digital comissions, then it sucks more than i though any ideas of a good paying option?
  15. KamuiNeko

    Paypal question

    I dont know if this was asked here before. Is paypal now available to do tasteful nudity or pornographic comisions? i would like to accept paypal payments, but im not sure if i could or non PG-13 stuff According with their policy; are prohibited : 2. (e) items that are considered...
  16. KamuiNeko

    FA Art Contest: When Bad Things Happen - CLOSED

    RE: FA Art Contest: When Bad Things Happen i guess; fender is the main mascot after all here is my entry for FA currently down: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1127529/#cid:7599231
  17. KamuiNeko

    Would you please draw my character?

    nice character i dont usually look women, but i must say she's really hot
  18. KamuiNeko

    Can anyone draw this?

    Sure, np Glad you liked it
  19. KamuiNeko

    Can anyone draw this?

    Youre welcome I think i should have warned you, i dont usually put many details in my chibis, after all, they are meant to be simplistic and quick, specially for a 140x150 px avatar I think ill pass this time, but you got the example of the proportions you needed
  20. KamuiNeko

    Can anyone draw this?

    yeah my bad, i missed that detail in the mask np, is just that im used to draw my chibis with arched legs, adds a bit of cuteness ok, here he goes with the arms crossed