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  1. Konna-ni

    Caring for a blind and deaf dog

    My little pekingese is around 14 years old now, and his sight started to go long ago, so we are used to that. But recently he has begun to lose his hearing at a rapid pace. We first noticed it when we would have to shake him awake because he wouldn't respond to calls. I was worried at first...
  2. Konna-ni

    Who here has tried Krita?

    I have seen Krita floating around on Tumblr lately, but have been putting it off for quite some time due to my love for SAI. But seeing some of the features today (I had never given it a hard look) has caught my attention, and so I am going to give it a shot. I was wondering if anyone else had...
  3. Konna-ni

    Konna's Sketchbook

    I will just post some things I am working on every now and then. ________ I've been working on another picture of my fursona that I may animate later.. First, I start with my ugly torso-like thing... which helps me draw the body over it. And then it is not a stretch to sketch on the details.
  4. Konna-ni

    Konna's Animated Fursona

    I figured I ought to make one since I am here. Her name is Lyra, and she is a cow. It shows strangely on my FA for some reason... I should fix that. At least it looks alright here. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13872872/
  5. Konna-ni

    Interpreting dreams

    I have often wondered if many other people try to interpret their strange dreams to find som meaning behind them like I do. Not in the assumption that dreams can predict anything, but that they can reveal something about a person's state of mind that they may not have been aware of. For...
  6. Konna-ni

    Doing 1 Free Sketch Request (SFW/NSFW/Anything you want)

    I am completely new here and have never drawn an anthro character before, but I would like to give it a shot, so I will be taking one request to try it out. I do not care if the subject matter is mature, nor do I have any preference for a species, etc. You can have anything you want as long as...
  7. Konna-ni

    Hello. New here.

    Hi, I'm Konna. I am very new to FA (as in, I had hardly ever heard of it and never visited before today). I am not actually a furry, but I am an artist and I always like to try drawing new subjects, so I suspect I'll get a lot of practice here. I'm a (mostly digital) manga-style artist that is...