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    Fursuit head help

    I have been doing alot of reading and finally built up the courage to start building one. I am waiting on my fur to get here, so in the mean time I am working on sculpting the head. I have done very little sculpting and this is my first time working with upholstery foam so I don't know of I am...
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    Removing Green Stain from White Fur

    This is not suit related, but it is faux fur related and I figured anyone here would know how to manage faux fur better than anyone. Long story short I bought these sheets online, kickass Jack Skellington sheets, that are part green. Unfortunately anything that touches the sheets absorbs green...
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    Hi, I am Mojo. There really isn’t much I would like to say at this point. I am a Husky, and going to college for Computer Security. I am never good with introductions so I will end it here.