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  1. SammieTheFoxie

    Roleplay, Worldbuilding, and Art Discord server

    A couple friends and I are putting together a Discord server called The Creative Cosmos. It's a server dedicated to sharing and promoting all forms of creative expression! Join the The Creative Cosmos Discord Server! We have a lot of things to do, including: > Free roleplaying of all kinds...
  2. SammieTheFoxie

    Casual Roleplay (and art) Discord server!

    I have posted here before, but my server has been growing and changing over the past few weeks, and we'd like to get some new members in! For those who don't know, I run a Discord server for RP. It's mainly focused on casual group roleplay. However, that's not all that we do on the...
  3. SammieTheFoxie

    Casual RP Discord Server

    Hello everyone! I recently revamped my old Discord server and converted it to a roleplaying server, and I'm hoping to get some new members in! It's a very casual environment, there are no commitment requirements and all skill levels are welcome to join. We are NSFW-friendly, and there's even a...