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    just an update on my situation

    hey folks, it's doubtful that many of you recollect me, but this is just an update for those of you who do: I'm back at my house, my parents begrudginly accepted me back into my home when the parents of the friend I was living with informed them that what they were doing is child abuse or...
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    Everyone's favorite song/songs

    I want to see what the people on the FA forums listen to. I dunno what mine are, to be honest, I'll think about it, and edit them in later.
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    Hey folks

    I've sorta lurked from time to time, and I registered really early this morning to deal with a crisis which is still going on. I will stick around. I'm A terrible situation, nice to meet y'all.
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    Ok, this may seem a little incredible,

    I came here from /b/. I asked for advice there, not thinking what I was doing, and a kind fellow told me to come here, rather than deal with the collective stupidity of the cesspool of the internet. No offense to local /b/tards. So, earlier today, my mom walked in on me masturbating...to yiff...