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    Tips on making a good fursona

    Thanx for all the responses guys! They are really helpful, I'm the obsessive writer type, so mine is going to be in depth. Mostly, the fursona will represent me, I'm not much into RPing. I especially liked Robar's response, having something my fursona is not good at will definitely add depth...
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    Hi ;)

    *Returns hug* Thanx for the welcome :)
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    Tips on making a good fursona

    Once again, noob here. I'm a veteran of the internet but I'm very new to the fandom. Got any tips on creating a fursona? I already have a species and character in mind, but I've seen some really in depth fursonas on here. Just looking for any tips anyone may be kind enough to throw my way before...
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    I've finally seen the dark side of the furry fandom.

    Agreed, I've been around the internet long enough where sick shit like this doesn't even make me want to hurl anymore. It's like, meh, another sick fuck
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    Furfags by age

    Goodness, you folks are kids lol. I mean that with love by the way, I'm not hating. I just suddenly feel a little older than I did before I read this thread. I'm 25
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    Where do you fit into the fandom?

    I'm still too new to know where I fit. I usually carve my own path, so I may never "fit" as some people do. Both a blessing and a curse at times
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    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Well, yet another 360 red ring of death has me playing the original Fable (again) for Xbox
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    Hi ;)

    Hello, I'm new here and to the fandom. I'm very shy, so please go easy on me if I sound like a noob. Cuz I am I'm into the darker side of things. I like dark, gothic movies and music. I love the night, I frequently go for midnight walks. I'm a writer, and my stories usually are set in the...