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  1. windblade

    (Commission) Selling: Digital & Traditional Commissions (NSFW friendly) [5$-50$]

    ♦ Rules: ♦ - Prices are per character - Payment through PayPal - Once I am finished, I will provide you a watermarked preview and invoice you. Once the invoice has been paid, I will send you the unmarked, full size file! - Inform me if you do not want me to upload the finished product anywhere...
  2. windblade

    Free Art: [DONE] Help me practice 2: The Horny Edition [NSFW]

    Not accepting any more, thank you for your participation! New thread to keep my other one SFW Okay! So I think I'm ready for the next step in my practice, which in my brain apparently is porn (lol) So I'd be happy to borrow some of y'all's characters again if you'd let me. I also appreciate if...
  3. windblade

    Free Art: Help me practice

    Hi! My account isn't new but I've been more of an anime artist than a furry artist before, so I could do with some practice. I'm looking for different head shapes and stuff, but I might be picky with what I feel like doing and what ends up good enough to show. Throw me a ref of your OC and I...
  4. windblade

    Image/Thumbnail Problems: FA Avatar not uploading

    So yeah, I just registered on FA yesterday under the username windblade, but did nothing more than confirm my e-mail that evening. Today, I made an avatar for myself (the exact same one I'm using here on FAF now), size 100x100 px, both in .gif (2.6kb) and .png (4.5kb), file name only containing...