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  1. Kittiara

    SUDDENLY, An Autumn Banner For You

    Site Discussion, you'll notice there's a banner on your face. It's because I threw it at you, but it's because I love you and I want to know if there is a better way than that to submit a banner? I guess next time I could tie it to a brick and then throw it, but I'm going for hearts and...
  2. Kittiara

    Autumnal Masqurade Portraits and $11 Bondage Icons!

    $11 to $15 Bondage Icons-- Singles, Couples, Threesomes and Moresomes welcomed! Journal with information, pricing, and slots here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1695313/ $20 Masquerade Portraits - Celebrate Autumn! Information and Link to Journal here...
  3. Kittiara

    'Foreplay' Painting - Cute and risque fun!

    This auction is for a couples-picture, a cute and sexy 'foreplay' image. Not full intercourse or mere snogging, I would like to offer a nicely erotic image for any who might want one! MATURE CONTENT: An example of what I'm offering: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4421544 Link to the...
  4. Kittiara

    COMMISSIONS: Paintings - $33 and Pop Icons - $15

    SLOTS HERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1639619/ Now onto the nitty gritty! Offering TWO types of commissions. Semi-Monochrome 'Sketch' Paintings: Price: $33 Examples: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3953858/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3824606/...
  5. Kittiara

    Discounted Convention Badge Commissions! (Only 5 Days)

    Greetings, all! Convention season is slowly gaining momentum, and in honor of this, I would like to offer discounted badge commissions for all your convention identification needs! The normal price of $30 has been discounted to $25-- and there are 3 slots...
  6. Kittiara

    VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL - Discounted Couples Commission!

    ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT - Discounted Couples Commission! Salutations! Would you like to get a special something for your partner this Valentine's Day? Look no further, for I'd like to spread a little love to all you cute couples! This time only, I will be offering a picture with the second...
  7. Kittiara

    Cast Resin Mask Blanks! - Canine ON SALE NOW

    I'm going to be offering Cast Resin Canine/Vulpine/Lupine/Whatever Mask Blanks. These are very light-weight; more specfically, these are made of Urethane plastic. -These can be used as-is for a very thin-faced look, or you can add foam to the cheeks, brow, and wherever else to give it a...
  8. Kittiara

    Pin Up-style Commissions! 2 Slots!

    Full up! Opening some commission slots! I am not yet able to take just anything like I'd planned, so once again I'll have to go with particular slots. SPECIAL: Pin-up style commissions. $60 and up, + Paypal fees. The complexity of your character determines the final price; remember not to...
  9. Kittiara

    Full body, Digital Pin Up! SHAKE DAT THANG

    Are you, like me, a sucker for bods in undies or nothing at all? Do you think your character is god's gift to furries? Or do you just kinda want to see them naked? Or do you just want some nice art? If any of the above apply and you've sat through my cheesy, lame attempt at a sales...
  10. Kittiara

    Icons and Full Color ArtRage comissions OPEN

    Now that I'm finishing up most of my commissions, it's time to open another round. All this will be going to the funds for my Ki'Rami costume. :> This time I'll be offering icons/busts like these: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1957516/ (this overall style)...
  11. Kittiara

    Bust Commissions of all varieties and all under $20

    I love how in life you have to have money to make purchases. So I'm trying to obtain some of that money substance! Info and samples here! http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/519447/ Thank you~
  12. Kittiara

    Contest: When Bad Things Happen? Results?

    Well! I hate to be a pest, but remember this contest? http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=15907 I've been really curious over the results, even though it isn't really an important/necessary contest at all. But it was fun and had a good idea (using user art for error pages), so I...
  13. Kittiara

    Full, nevermind X3

    Figured I'd post this here as well as on my FA Journal. I need money for a custom bodice I'm getting done by Potted Fox Leather (Pottedfox.com). :3 If I don't buy it now I never will. Anyway, I'm only accepting the types of commissions detailed below... ^^ PLEASE note that I require all...
  14. Kittiara

    openCanvas 1.1 - Draw With Others

    Purpose: Wwwwell, I thought it'd be fun to try and make something that ISN'T a request or free art thread, since this forum's swamped with them. I haven't OCed in a long time, but recently I've been thinking about how much I miss it. So this is what I think we should do... People can meet in...
  15. Kittiara

    Collecting Art of my characters! :D

    This is Kitt's arty thread of art whoreness. :D I love art... Doing it and getting it, so. XD I wanna join the rush in requests... Okay, so. Note: At this point, I don't want anything of any character having sex ("yiffing"), or even in the act of masturbation or anything like...
  16. Kittiara

    Furbid Auction - 1+ Character Lineart

    Hey there. :3 I'm really busy lately, but being a masochist figured that I can take on one more commission. Your character in spiffy clean lineart, more than one character if the bid gets high enough (which is pretty high, I'll be honest with you, it takes me twice as long to do another...
  17. Kittiara

    Draw The Person Above You (a casual art thread!)

    Hey all y'all! :D Wanna sketch on a whim? That’s what I want this thread to be for.  You see, sometimes I want to just sit down and sketch or sometimes even properly draw somebody’s else’s character, but setting up a new thread on whichever forum I happen to be on for either free...
  18. Kittiara

    What're you reading?

    There's a thread or two like this, the "Song of the Day" thread and such and since I've seen one like this on another forum I go to, I figured it'd be fun to start. What're you reading? A good novel? A magazine? Perhaps a story found online, or even a fanfiction? :3 As for me, The Dark...
  19. Kittiara

    'Sup?  Kitt here.

    Hey, just an artist that's been lurking around FurAffinity for... a little while now.  I only just joined the forums, though. :3 Like many artists, I am secretly an attention whore.  Which is kinda why I'm posting here.  Also I want to get more active in a community, since I'm usually a...