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  1. fury-cake

    Simple drawings / sketches

    Hi, I want to boost a bit my presence in the community so I thought of giving some freebies. How it works: 1) reply to this post that you are interested 2) wait for follow-up post or update of this one 3) I'll PM you 4) your free art will be posted on my FApage and you'll get mail/link with...
  2. fury-cake

    Fursona- how do I do it and what does it do.

    (Kindergarten cop references anyone? no? ok) I guess there's no beating around the bush- I need a ca... Fursona! Fursona, I need fursona. Ok so ages ago mine fursona was quite fake: gender-bendering goat. During that time there was plenty of heavy junk on my back so it was silly escapism. As...
  3. fury-cake

    Hi, I make terrible puns

    Hello, this will be quite a ride so if you just want to shout back at me: Hi, hello, how are you? I hope you do great! So now for the TL;DR for you, who like to discuss things. Skipping the boring things, I'm almost 30 years old, been drawing whole my life, still studying, in the sewers of my...