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  1. vashdragon


    Alright, here is a poll im trying to create, and hopefully i will do it correctly. Anyways, this is basicaly to find out what kinda coloring people prefer. Traditional or digital? In all honesty its not that simple but you have to weigh the differences. On a note not covered by this poll...
  2. vashdragon

    Dragon artist for hire. ^^

    Im basicaly just looking for a small cash flow to help me get by so i can buy more luxuries. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/vashdragon/ Anyways, i plan to do $20 commissions. Picture drawn on a sketchpad and colored digitally in the computer. I can also do some real media but yould need...
  3. vashdragon

    Reptillian art trade.

    Heya everyone. Im looking to do some trades with people. Im not the best artist in the world but id like to do some pics with some people. I dont mind attempting to draw just about anything. Just ask and ill tell you if i cant, or attempt it at least. As for what i want, ill probly ask for...