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    How do you wear your hair?

    long, almost to my waist, tied back in a ponytail usually. When it's not I look like a blonde Jesus without the beard.
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    you can probably find a group or 2
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    welcome to FA, and don't worry about being strange that is more or less one of the qualities needed to be at least a little furry lol
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Echoes the Fall- A Life Less Loved
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    Loading has failed...

    welcome to Faf, and thanks for licking the screen it needed to be cleaned :]
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    Furry things you do when bored

    i draw, watch tv, listen to music, skateboard, or just day dream
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    welcome to the forums. and your avatar is pretty cool, I don't know anything about digital so i just draw
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    "Our history is not what we think"

    I don't understand how he correlates so many different religions and theories and even aliens into this story when none of them really have any connection to Atlantis or aliens. This is crap and should be seen as such since it is based on made up info and just piled into what looks like...
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    Horrific fursuits (read OP)

    Re: Horrific fursuits to be honest i had been wondering if a more realistic suit or prosthetic would look cool, but no longer, this is just scary
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    pseudonoob here

    welcome to the forums, i like being apart of the furry forums aswell, mainly because im a next to brand new furry lol
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    what is the most dum thing's you have done.

    clicking the bedfellows suggestion on youtube
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    I'm super new here.

    welcome to the furry world, ive been having trouble trying to figure out what my fursona would be aswell, it seems to be one of those things that looks easy but really isnt
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    I have been around for a while, but I think it is time to say hello

    hi, ive nvr met anyone else whos into the fandom either, but welcome to furaffinity
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    Hi im new

    to be honest i was thinking about making my character something like that.
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    Hi im new

    just wondering is a falaffel an actual pastery?
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    Hi im new

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    Hi im new

    isnt that like the yiffing or whatever?
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    Hi im new

    thats pretty cool this seems like a really good fandom or community to be apart of.
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    Hi im new

    thats kinda disturbing but funny lol
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    Hi im new

    i have to ask, has anyone here ever fur suited?