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  1. Robertraccoon

    fear of fursuiters

    When I was a kid I was at a carwash and started crying when a cat fursuiter came close to the car I was in, I had never even seen a giant animal before so it was pretty scary. Who else was afraid of fursuiters when they where kids?
  2. Robertraccoon

    Human Fandom?

    I think I like this thread, it would be unusal though, humans would be another spices and animal in that kind of world if we co existed, it would probably also be like wearing a costume of another race (black face ect) in RL to dress up as another species in that world. We also dont get alone...
  3. Robertraccoon

    Strange Phobias

    I have a few phobias war or invasion from another country or alien not being able to breath (drowning ect) spiders & bigger spiders ceasing to exist people being the way they are forever raccoons going extinct
  4. Robertraccoon

    How did you discover the furry fandom?

    I discovered furry art and style at an furry aussie site and liked it, then one day found out others interested in it called them selves furries and did the same for a few years.
  5. Robertraccoon

    HR 3200 is it ok

    Good luck with that, nobody will listen and we (everyone including me) often do ignore things, even hard evidence so we can continued to follow our more or so set in stone world views, nobody on the earth is open minded. We are all biased and can't lead each other on the scale we are stuck...
  6. Robertraccoon

    HR 3200 is it ok

    Great more left & right wing drama, just great being reminded everyday that at every corner of the earth, the majority in charge of leading or voting for leaders & polices are a bunch of a opinionated screeching hypocritical extremist that don't listen to each other and dismiss evidence from...
  7. Robertraccoon

    Have you ever noticed...

    It does not have to be that way don't tell them your a furry (its a stupid generalization anyway to tell someone about yourself), tell them what your into and what you like, anthro art, anthro stuff etc. They will probably think the stuff you like is kinda strange but at that point you can be...
  8. Robertraccoon

    Devotion *Poll*

    Did it this way on purpose, if it was straight foreword and neutral instead of absurd it would be too easy.
  9. Robertraccoon

    Devotion *Poll*

    Thought I would do one to since I wonder how most of us rate our level of devotion to the fandom and these are always fun. Levels of devotions based of dictionary definitions. Description of questions Extremist: High devotions to fandom, highly defensive of believes against incorrect...
  10. Robertraccoon


    I love cooking, though not for a career. Tried going down that path and hated it. I know some great Greek dishes.
  11. Robertraccoon

    Porn: Do you like it?

    why the hell not, I do what kind is my business
  12. Robertraccoon

    A Traumatising Experience

    small dogs can scare the crap out of burglars once they realize the dog puts up a pretty good and bloody fight.
  13. Robertraccoon

    I has a Question about markings!!!

    The secret is finally out! *steels technology*
  14. Robertraccoon

    A Traumatising Experience

    That's what real guns are for, you will never feel as scared having a .44 on your belt, sure some innocent people may turn up dead now and them like that guy in Idaho; god damit if your going to gain 400 pounds you should not wear brown clothing or people will mistake you for a bear.
  15. Robertraccoon

    So if the dog comes up and starts humping you...

    I just feel over laughing when a saw that
  16. Robertraccoon


    I have seen them a lot in RL Looks much better on a furry character
  17. Robertraccoon

    What happened to freakin toys!? No not sex toys perv.

    Imagination has been destroyed by societies obsession with helicopter parenting and making kids lives utterly and entirely "constructive" and giving into their every need because of liberal guilt. Its not so bad though, this generation of kids are expected to become the most hardcore...
  18. Robertraccoon

    Wolf searching for mate

    hard to tell if the OP is searching for RL or RP mate. Would be very sloppy finding one this way in for real life.
  19. Robertraccoon

    What if there was a civalization of furries?

    It already starting to exist, sadly that's what furry is turning into, xenophobia and fear of the outside world and fear of exposure and the existance of opinions different and even against our view of life leads to radicalism (extremist kind), so people don't like us, we cant change that no...
  20. Robertraccoon

    in the can (soup)

    I always loved soup cups, and chicken noodle soup. I don't like progresso soup anymore though, I have eaten so much of it I don't want to see another can of that crap again.