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  1. DruoxTheFurrinator

    Costume Design

    I have the gauntlets being made. But there's still more that must be done! And I need your help! Hello FA Forums' sculptors/masons/costumers! I am here to ask you to make a dream a reality! (For a price, of coarse) What's that dream? Why, this costume design becoming something...
  2. DruoxTheFurrinator

    Song for Pic

    Alright, i'm looking for a new avatar, so I am going to do it the fun way :D I'm no artist with a pen, but give me a guitar and i'll wow ya ;D I would like to trade a song for an avatar. I write you a song, you make me an avatar. (Incase that needed to be explained) If you are...
  3. DruoxTheFurrinator


    How many of you guys out there miss this AWESOME T.V. sceries? I heard they're gonna make a DVD of it...will you buy it?  I will XD Favorite Quote: *breath in* Well if it isn't- NOOOOO What?  I was just gonna say- NOOOOOO Don't Say It! Don't say what? Don't say his name! You...
  4. DruoxTheFurrinator

    Will all straight FEMALE furs...

    drop me a PM if you're lonely? I wont dissapoint ^^ Oh yeah...and any other straight furry...doods...can use this place to pm the straight chicks...and what-not...
  5. DruoxTheFurrinator


    HOW YOU LIEK POLL!? I liek poll, poll is my favorite fetur or eny onlyne survace!  polls give me enmjoyment when I post them on forum!  I love to make polls of things that make no sense too!  My favorite polls are ones about things you can't vote on one thing about rthe thing you vote...
  6. DruoxTheFurrinator

    Flat-Headed...est Game Villian

    Who's the worst game villian in all the games you've played? What villian was SO BAD that you actually hated the game for keeping him in the storyline...even though you repeatedly beat his/her ass? Mine are 2: Capt. Qwark - Ratchet & Clank Sceries and The lowest level moster in any...
  7. DruoxTheFurrinator

    What was your first Instrument?

    What was your first instrument? Musical Instruments, Drawing Impliments, Computers, Typewriters, anything that let you make your muse, what was your first one? Do you still own it? What do you use now? What do you want to use? What is your favorite instrument/impliment? My first...
  8. DruoxTheFurrinator

    Taking Theme Song Requests

    Tired of that boring Fall Out Boy song? Sick of that repetitive Death Metal song? Is the old theme song you once loved...not so cool anymore? Allow me to help: I will write you a brand new theme song. It's not a song you found on the inter web, it's a custom song, fitted for you! Tell...
  9. DruoxTheFurrinator

    The Most Epic Metal Song

    Yes, Epic Metal...what song is the most Epic metal song in your opinion? I'd have to say: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN
  10. DruoxTheFurrinator

    A movie with ME in it (German Project)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olKR3XWEFB4 Anything I say will spoil it...oh, and I sing! Enjoy!
  11. DruoxTheFurrinator

    Second Life Builders! I need you!

    To teach me how to be an expert builder. I need to know how to make stuff that's better than what you can make with basic knowledge, I'm a fast learner, all I ask is you show me....I'd take classes, but none are available on the teen server x.x oh yeah, and before I forget, you need a teen...
  12. DruoxTheFurrinator

    "moving avatars"

    How does one make one of these phenomena? I'd like to know how, I am pretty sure it takes a special program or something, maybe i'm wrong, I'd like to be wrong XD Yeah....
  13. DruoxTheFurrinator

    AVATAR :3

    Yay! Avatar! I've finally got one! and I made it too ^^ (I cut the head out of a commission gone wrong that I got for free, thanks dude ^^) now all I gotta get is a sig.... While i'm here, isn't that avatar awesome!? Here, check out the full pic ^^: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/401216/
  14. DruoxTheFurrinator


    I'm sure this has been said before, and if it hasn't for SHAME!!! I think there should be a way to make art/submissions non downloadable.... This is mostly to protect people who cover songs from newer bands who'll sue them because they need the money from the lack of sales of their...
  15. DruoxTheFurrinator

    Commision: Complex, but Moderate

    Well, if you feel like doin' it, I've got a commission for you, I almost don't wanna ask, but if you do it I'll be eternally grateful x.x and probably broke XD Basically, I have a rather complex request.....I need a humanoid character inside of a multi-part costume. The face wont matter...
  16. DruoxTheFurrinator

    Guitar Battles!

    Yeah! I searched it and didn't find a thread XD SO! Here's the rules: If you're open for a challenge, post in here and agree to battle whomever challenges you. There are two types of challenges: Solo Challenge or Song Challenge Solo Challenge: A neutral Member (Probably Me most of the time...
  17. DruoxTheFurrinator

    I have returned!

    Yes, I know few to none of you knew I'd left, but I've been gone a week, I've been in Florida where I had become peaceful and humbled by the surroundings. Now I'm back in New Jersey and pissed off, irridable, and constantly angry, this sudden anger will assist in the writing of furture tracks...
  18. DruoxTheFurrinator


    Anyone out there good with that whole special effects/awesomeness thing? I need an album cover for my new release, "Up the Antichrist" I'd prefer some kind of demon on it, or maybe a large battle of some kind between furries and politicians ^^ If anyone'd do it you'd get credit on the...
  19. DruoxTheFurrinator

    Plug-In Issues

    x.x My apple quick-time plug-in isn't working, I have the latest version of Firefox and I also have the latest quick time player, and it says it does it automatically, and It keeps saying it doesn't exist and I don't know how to fix it x.x someone help me, I want to listen to the wonderful music...
  20. DruoxTheFurrinator

    Mindless Self-Promotion

    I wrote a new song ^^ give it a listen and tell me what you think ^^ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/358529/ This is where I'll promote my Music, since I'll need comments and stuff, feel free to tell me how the tracks are! Wooo!