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  1. SaltedMcfluffy

    If an anthro-themed TCG existed, would you be interested in playing it?

    I know that there's a large crossover between tabletop gaming and the furry community, and to my knowledge outside of Furoticon (lol) there's not been any furry/anthro focused trading card games. So assuming that a TCG was launched that had interesting and well designed gameplay, and the...
  2. SaltedMcfluffy

    Hiring: ($150+) Looking for a Lua coder for potential long term work on a project

    Project: We're a small team creating a largely text-based adventure game, and are looking for a coder who'd like to work with us to bring it into the world! It'll be an 18+ adventure game with major RPG elements, a strong narrative, and a wealth of kinky content (think along the lines of CoC or...