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    I'm finding it increasingly hard to justify living.

    Fay's got it. Sit down and think, "What do I enjoy doing? What makes me truly happy in this life?". Try to find a career based on that something and go from there. For me it's a job that pays diddly squat for ridiculous hours but I find comfort in keeping busy and it's what I love, so it...
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    What accents do you enjoy?

    Oh dear Jesus, that's exactly it. How hideous. XDD
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    What accents do you enjoy?

    That's awesome. I'm from Fargo and people tell me all the time that we sound like Sarah Palin. Which is sadly true. XD As for me, give me a nice, broad Aussie accent and I'm your girl.
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    Hey there, everyone.

    veeno: Hmm, it's kinda tough to pick just one... My all-time favorite is probably Beck/Mongolian Chop Squad. Ever heard of it? Though FMA holds a special place in my heart as well. :3 Biscuits? Tea? Don't mind if I do--they go perfectly together :grin:
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    FWA 2012

    I'll be driving down with a few buds if we can find a car... First time in Atlanta, first time at a furry con, first FWA. So excited!
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    Hey there, everyone.

    Hi guys! Still relatively new to the furry community on the whole, so I figured I'd put myself out there and get to know people. A few things about me: Like a lot of people I read, watch anime, play video games, etc. etc. I love food and preparing it, particularly sweets (and I'm happy to...