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  1. vashdragon

    reset connection

    I really hope i dont start hearing that.[hr] This explains FA's april fools joke.
  2. vashdragon

    reset connection

    Dang, thats a pain. Lately it seems that FA has been getting slower and slower. I guess the demand on the server is getting to be a bit much. But dang, i was really hoping to rub out a lot of those avatar requests that have been pilling up. Guess ill have to do work on some commissions and...
  3. vashdragon

    Does Mature Filter Not Work?

    Really? I thought it just removed the adult tagged stuff. Regardless, so long as your not seeing the red (and blue) borders around pictures, it should be working.
  4. vashdragon

    FA Unaccessible... again...

    Ok, this timeing out thing is really annoying. I guess the forums are getting bogged down by tons of people trying to figure out whats going on. Either that, or it just likes being a pain in the ass to the computers i use.
  5. vashdragon

    FA Unaccessible... again...

    Maybe you can work out a deal with Nek0gami to do an auction as a donation to the site. Hehe. (Man i should let that die already. Hehe but a donation based auction with some artist/s isnt that bad an idea.) -Vash Dragon
  6. vashdragon

    Does Mature Filter Not Work?

    So long as you dont see the red border, the filter is working. The problem is that sometimes people forget to label things. And, more often than not, they will label it mature, instead of adult, despite the image showing the subject sexually aroused. The mature tag is just slightly...
  7. vashdragon

    FA Unaccessible... again...

    It be a saturday night. FA gets hit hard with traffic at this time. I wouldnt be surprised if the damn thing blew up from the load. Simply, the community (demand) on the server is growing faster than the server itself. The website is always gonna experience some slowdown or interuptions...
  8. vashdragon

    FA Paid Accounts = Web Hosting?

    Dang, and here i went writing up a suggestion for a completely seperate paid for web hosting service, when dragoneer has already given his answer. *Closes that window* Oh well. Sepereate web hosting that has nothing to do with FA still seems like a decent way to make money. But then again...
  9. vashdragon

    Unwatch Journals

    I agree, this would be an awesome feature. I mean i watch a lot of people, and a lot of them are artists i like to watch progress and improve, but a lot of people have very emotional journals. And honestly it wouldnt be all that bad... if i didnt get like a hundred new journals a day. I dont...
  10. vashdragon

    Image File Sizes

    My two cents i guess. I probly wont pay attention to this forum after making this post though. Anyways, i dont much like the idea of having a limit on what can be uploaded. If someone wants to upload something at a large size they should probly be permitted. However, it is quite annoying...
  11. vashdragon


    If yall do get it fixed and we keep it, would it be possible to put the nuke button some place else. I cant tell you how many times i almost clicked it and man would that have sucked. Twas a good feature though, im finaly free of those backlogged journals.
  12. vashdragon

    Where do you live?

    I live in Richmond, VA. (US) at the moment.
  13. vashdragon

    If it was available on other platforms?

    You should have an option for like "I dunno the difference really." One of the main reasons i liked macs was because they appeared to me to be more art based. But if all the Systems have the same software then that wouldnt matter. This is more of a question of which one do you think runs...
  14. vashdragon


    Well actually this is meant for everyone. Mostly for peoples personal opinions on what they like to look at.
  15. vashdragon


    Alright, here is a poll im trying to create, and hopefully i will do it correctly. Anyways, this is basicaly to find out what kinda coloring people prefer. Traditional or digital? In all honesty its not that simple but you have to weigh the differences. On a note not covered by this poll...
  16. vashdragon

    Good tutorials for PS7.0/PSCS2?

  17. vashdragon

    Reptillian art trade.

    Dang... my friend pointed that little thing out, something i hadnt noticed till then. Kinda annoying but oh well. The inuendo is not intentional. Oh well. Anyways, id be very glad if you were to draw me. Hehe itd be cool. ^^ Hehe and sure if yould like a trade id be glad to draw your...
  18. vashdragon

    Why was the human drawing thread closed?

    Couldnt draw people to begin with myself.
  19. vashdragon

    Who are the best artists here?

    (Sorry i didnt snip the quote but i wanted to keep the entire convo.) I tend to draw for the sake of just seeing if i can as well as the attention. The attention tends to tell me im doing it right, and i absolutely love looking back and my art and saying "Damn, I drew that." Which ive done...
  20. vashdragon

    Who are the best artists here?

    Me im one of the best.... Well no not really. But Yah they have a point, it has the potential to hurt feelings. Instead of asking who is the best artists here you should probly be asking for specific subjects or asking for peoples perticularly favorite artist. For example, my favorite...