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  1. binjiarts

    binji arts

    im going to try to post here when i post on FA and DA! my furaffinity my deviantart my commissions thread
  2. binjiarts

    Binjiarts's Adopts and YCHs

    This is the thread where I'll be posting my new adopts and auctions as they come up! Follow my commissions thread as well! My Furaffinity My Deviantart My Facebook Page
  3. binjiarts

    $20 Feral/Anthro Shaded Fullbodies 2 Slots

    im currently willing to do an SFW feral or anthro fullbody with a simple bg for 20 dollars. pieces will look similar to this: **i will either take an upfront payment or a half payment before i start and a half payment after i send a WIP**
  4. binjiarts

    Binjiarts's Commissions!

    My Furaffinity My Deviantart My Facebook Page My prices Check out my adopts thread!