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    Young Furries?

    Dead topic is dead but I'm 17
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    Co-op reccomendations?

    We tried Serious Sam but I got so bored by the end And we finished Doom 1 and 2, and I can't find a Quake 2 that works, but I guess we could try Quake 1
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    My birthday is tomorrow!

    Yaay, just a few more minutes and I'm gonna be able to "legally" buy M Rated games! :D
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    My birthday is tomorrow!

    The legal age for me is 18 I'm Canadian, also I'm going to be able to buy M Rated games :D
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    My birthday is tomorrow!

    I'm going to be 17 I'm super excited! :D
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    Young Furries?

    Well, I'm turning 17 on the 10th (Tomorrow) And I'm quite excited, because I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY
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    Unusually animals you have seen walking about town?

    I was walking home from school once and I saw a turkey running up the street, it was so awesome
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    Do any of you guys play Final Fantasy XI?

    I did look, but like I said, that topic is for MMO's in general, mine is for FFXI specifically. And if your account is still active, want to play with me on Asura?
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    Do any of you guys play Final Fantasy XI?

    Yeah but I made this specifically for FFXI, not all MMOs And I did check, and I saw that it was made in 2006 I figured it was dead and that this whole board is also almost dead Also Persona 3 is emo but still fun Persona 4 puts 3 to shame though
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    Do any of you guys play Final Fantasy XI?

    I'm pretty sure it came out back when it was still Square Soft
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    Do any of you guys play Final Fantasy XI?

    If you do, you should come join me on the Asura server, I'm a level 15 monk Taru named Segel If not, you should try it out, Square is offering a 14 day free trial, so definitely try it out
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    I want people to talk to

    I'm not new, I just don't post, well, I guess I AM kinda new.. But, nonetheless, I'm just really bored these days, since my PS3 broke..
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    I want people to talk to

    On MSN. Add me, my MSN is kirbyremix@hotmail.com
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    Online Gamers

    My PSN is Shawn645 My Combat Arms username is OrpheusTelos
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    Honka Honka

    Mao, from Disgaea 3, huh? That game is fun.. Did you know the person who did the voice for him, did the VA for Junpei, from Persona 3?
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    Wow, I didn't think people from here used OnRPG. I'm Fullmetal on there.
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    How Old Are You?

    I'll be 16 in November!
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